United Virtual | Next Chapter

That’s very true there a very good VA they have a lot of partners now

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@AlphaSeven. We have been around since 2017 and each year continue to grow!

@TheFlyingGuy1 Thank you for the kind words!

@Manav_Suri. Thank you! We can’t take all the credit for that one!

@UnitedGuy19 We are glad to have you onboard! Just wait until you unlock all the aircrafts!

@BigBert10. Thank you very much! Someday you will see a UVAL member at SJC…hopefuly it will be @harmyd!

@texasaviation We are glad you an UVA pilot!

@MonkeyManofLife We can’t wait to have you join us!

@Jack_Q I agree!


Thank you I can’t wait I been doing flights a lot now because I want to unlock all of them

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I hope to see every pilot at UVAL going to SJC

Especially those who have a hub at SFO 😂

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Where can I apply for the education officer?

Just because the position says open, doesn’t mean you can apply for that staff position. Plus you must be IFATC certified and a current member of UVAL


@Blake_Stephens Congrats @harmyd congrats both you for leading UVAL into next level. I and behalf of NSV would wishes all the best and more successful in the future. :-)


Great thread best of luck both of you for the future, see you in the sky’s ✈️


How do I create an account on the website? I only see login but since I don’t have my Callsign yet I can’t do that

Awesome thread guys


Hit they apply button. Go to our website, and simply apply!

This looks great, although I wouldn’t recommend making someone moderator based on their hours- I’ve made a similar mistake in the past and someone who wants to ruin your organization with enough dedication can do so with this system.

@Gary_Crinnion Thank you! Our pilots are in the skies safely getting the passengers to their destinations all over the world!

@Emmanuel_Mgilane. Thank you!

@Lucas_Brien Thank you for the advice!


We would like to welcome our newest Staff Members:

Head of Photography: @texasaviation
Routes Manager: @Sunseeker58
Second Routes Manager: @Jetcentric


Glad to be a proud pilot of United Virtual!!!


We are glad to have you onboard @United10!

Hey I just got second officer I’m proud of myself I been doing 3 flights a day! I don’t do that a lot like they hard work pays off!

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Keep up the great work! Pretty soon you will be flying the heavies!

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UVA would like to welcome their most newest staff member!

Congratulations to @Yankees2509 as an Internal Affairs Officer!

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I have recently applied for UVA and am enthusiastic about a chance at becoming one of your pilots!

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