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Here at United Virtual, we strive to maintain a realistic and professional environment while providing a fun, family-friendly, and clean community of pilots.



Student Pilot - 0 Hours

Bombardier Dash-8 Q400 and Bombardier CRJ-700

Second Officer - 25 Hours

Airbus A320-200, Boeing 737-700, Boeing 737-800 and Boeing 737-900

First Officer - 65 Hours

Boeing 757-200 and Boeing 767-300

Captain - 90 Hours

Boeing 777-200ER and Boeing 787-9

Chief Captain - 150 Hours

Boeing 747-400 and Boeing 787-10

Chief Captain: PLUS - 250 Hours

Boeing 777-200ER Retro, Boeing 767-300 Retro, Bombardier CRJ200 Retro, McDonnell Douglas DC-10 (Continental) and Embraer 170 Retro
Lufthansa: A319, A320, CRJ900, 744, A333

Chief Captain: PREMIER - 400 Hours

Lufthansa: A319, A320, CRJ900, 744, A333, 748, A380, A340

Chief Captain: ELITE - 550 Hours

Lufthansa Cargo/ Aero Logic Cargo: MD11F, 777F


Completed Aircraft List:
Nearly 450 aircraft to choose from! Check out our complete fleet here.

  • Bombardier Dash-8 Q400

  • Bombardier CRJ-700

  • Airbus A320-200

  • Boeing 737-800

  • Boeing 737-900

  • Boeing 757-200

  • Boeing 767-300

  • Boeing 777-200ER

  • Boeing 787-9

  • Boeing 787-10

  • Boeing 747-400

Introducing the Retro Fleet for the Chief Captain Retro Certificate:

  • Boeing 777-200ER Retro

  • Boeing 767-300 Retro

  • Bombardier CRJ200 Retro

  • McDonnell Douglas DC-10 (Continental)

  • Embraer 170 Retro


Flying from 12 different hubs and over 2,000 routes worldwide, United Virtual is loaded and prepared to fly the infinite skies.


UVA Pilot Requirements:

  • Active Infinite Flight Community Account and in good standings.
  • Active Infinite Flight Pro Membership
  • At Least a Grade 3 Pilot
  • Ability to access our communication source which is the Slack App.
  • Must pass the Written Application Test with 70% or higher.
  • Must complete training with Education Officer before UVA flights can begin.

Want to become our next pilot? Start your application HERE.


For any questions or concerns, feel free to PM @jshnlsn or email ifunitedvirtual@gmail.com.


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32b4e98789ebf16b8c243baa0202b22d7fff70d8 United Virtual is IFVARB Approved!

Established December 5, 2017

Founder: @jakevaz423

Over 20 Attending! | Partnered with United Virtual | Newark Liberty Flyout @ KEWR - 221800ZJUN19
{57 Attending!} {Partnered With United, Alaska, & Southwest Virtual!}The Golden Gate Flyout! @ KSFO - 041900ZMAY19
NonStop Virtual | New Thread | Inspired by Lufthansa

United Virtual is proud to Announce:

Hour Multipliers for their pilots - Starting 121300ZFEB19

What does this mean for our pilots?
Any United Virtual Sponsored or Hosted Events that a UVA pilot participates in will give the pilot Two Times - 2x hour multiplier. This means if you fly a 5-hour flight, this multiplier allows for it to be logged at 10 hours!

We encourage all pilots to participate in IFC events, and as always thank you for flying UVA!


Proud to be apart of this amazing airline!


Thanks! IFATC will be there all week.



Swing by and check us out




United Virtual Staffing Announcement

Congratulations to our newest staff member, @Planes4life. He is joining our team as our Communications Officer. We are pleased to announce this hire after seeking and searching for this position and finding who we believe is a hardworking and dedicated member of both the IFC and UVA to fill this role.

Join me in welcoming him to our team.



Join Us March 30th at KORD!



UVA is now offering jobs for flight multipliers for pilots Chief Captain rank and higher.
Check out our Job Board!

Further details on our Job Board and availability can be found in our Crew Center NOTAMS.


The Dawn of a New Era: Begins

United Virtual Airlines is now in direct partnership with Nonstop Virtual - Lufthansa. With this partnership, we have added hundreds of new routes stretching across the globe and are adding 12 new aircraft to our fleet.

We are excited to expand our VA and partner with such an incredible organization, Nonstop Virtual.

Partnership Introduction Video:


Exciting news! Glad to be a part of this VA!


We are glad to have you a part of our VA!