United Virtual | Independence Day Flight @ KSJC - 012200ZJUL17

Hey [Infinite Flight Community] (http://community.infiniteflight.com/) members!

Join Us For A United Virtual Event:
United Virtual Independence Day Flight

United Virtual Event Description:
⠀⠀With Independence Day quickly approaching, we are hosting an event dedicated to celebrating this upcoming holiday. Let’s celebrate this cause and show our [United Virtual] (http://unitevirtual.wixsite.com/soar) spirit by taking flight in the historic San Francisco region. Any airplane with a livery that corresponds with [United Airlines] (https://www.united.com/ual/en/us/) is preferred.
⠀⠀The established route for this event will be posted on this thread below but, pilots and attendees as a whole are expected to create their own realistic altitude route using third party flight planners such as [Online Flight Planner] (http://onlineflightplanner.org) or [Route Finder] (RouteFinder (free access area)). Come to KSJC ([San Jose International Airport] (AirNav: KSJC - Norman Y Mineta San Jose International Airport))in any aircraft possessing a retro [United Airlines] (https://www.united.com/ual/en/us/) livery in the three digit callsign with an assigned “UAL prefix” linked with your gate to take part in this event. You do not have to be an official member and or pilot of [United Virtual] (http://unitevirtual.wixsite.com/soar) to participate in this event. Looking forward to seeing some awesome screenshots!

United Virtual Event Aspects:
⠀⠀During this event participating pilots will be expected to follow all available general aviation related rules and or guidelines such as proper lighting, aircraft maneuvering, air traffic control communications, etcetera in order to practice realism within the [Infinite Flight] (https://infinite-flight.com) mobile simulator while, [United Virtual] (http://unitevirtual.wixsite.com/soar) pilots will be expected to come in an aircraft emulating their rank. This event might be livestreamed below on this thread so, keep in mind that you will be representing the [Infinite Flight Forum] (https://community.infiniteflight.com) and the virtual airline you are flying under. Make sure that you are preforming and behaving as expected in front of the [Infinite Flight Community] (https://community.infiniteflight.com).
⠀⠀On this thread below you will notice that a gate assignment system is being used to better organize this event. It is requested that the members participating in this event that are currently active within the [Infinite Flight Community] (https://community.infiniteflight.com) promptly notify their fellow pilots about this event if possible. Pilots interested in flying under this specific event are encouraged to reserve a gate as soon as possible. If you are not currently a member of any virtual airlines in general you are still able to participate and reserve a gate of your own personal preference. Attending pilots are strongly encouraged to use an aircraft decorated with a retro [United Airlines] (https://www.united.com/ual/en/us/) affiliated livery.

United Virtual Event Details:

Aircraft: Any

Livery: Retro

NOTAMS: Follow all ATC instructions (when available). All rules will be enforced.

Region: San Francisco

Server: Training

United Virtual Event Hours:
Begin - 7/1 @ 22:00 ZULU (6:00 pm EST)
End - 7/1 @ 23:00 ZULU (7:00 pm EST)

United Virtual Event Air Traffic Control Assignments:

Infinite Flight Training Server Air Traffic Control

CEO - @ThomasR

KSJC Ground: Blizzard
KSJC Tower: Blizzard
KSJC Departure: Null
KSCK Ground: CptChris
KSCK Tower: CptChris
KSCK Approach: Null

United Virtual Event Gate Assignments:

United Virtual

CEO - @Blizzard
CCO - @CaptainDoomBox
CHRO - @FirstClassLuxury
COO - @BazzarCoffee

Gate 01: DanielHornby (UAL 001)
Gate 02: OJFam (UAL 002)
Gate 03: Dimitri04 (UAL 003)
Gate 04: JohnRyan (UAL 004)
Gate 05: LxD (UAL 005)
Gate 06: TrevorAustin (UAL 006)
Gate 07: MarshallHilfman (UAL 007)
Gate 08: CaptainFinnyBoy1234 (UAL 008)
Gate 09: Lamale99 (UAL 009)
Gate 10: ChaseCopeland (UAL 010)
Gate 11: Fittsy10 (UAL 011)
Gate 12: LucasDominguez (UAL 012)
Gate 13: Captain28 (UAL 013)
Gate 14: Null (UAL 014)
Gate 15: Null (UAL 015)

United Virtual Event Sponsers:

SkyHub Alliance Virtual

CEO - @Lolo31R

Post your best screenshots on this thread after the event!

Be respectful to everyone who is flying, and most importantly, have fun!

See everyone in San Francisco!

Fly the Friendly Skies!

⠀⠀_This event is being hosted by [United Virtual] (https://unitevirtual.wixsite.com/soar) celebrating the upcoming occurrence of Independence Day. During this event pilots will be expected to follow all available aviation guidelines. Pilots of [United Virtual] (https://unitevirtual.wixsite.com/soar) are encouraged to reserve a gate as soon as possible. You do not have to be a pilot of any virtual airline in order to participate in this event. For any inquiries please contact @Blizzard (Chief Executive Officer) or @BazzarCoffee (Chief Operating Officer) via private message._

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Are you guys actually going to show up for this event?

Last event at TNCM nobody showed except for me and some other dude.

Also, United Virtual made a alliance with IFTSATC if I am not mistaken. With that you should first ask us If we are available to take a airport.


I am not physically able to control what certain members are and or may be doing on the day of this specific event. Yes, we do have an active partnership with that organization and they have already been notified minutes after this event was first actually published. If you have any further inquiries regarding our operations here please, do not hesitate to private message me as soon as possible…


I will take a gate please. Thanks

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Ok, I will sign you up!

Thank you. I Look forward to it. John

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Hey I can make it to the event, can I get to gate
And on the Boeing 767-300 blue rose livery considered a retro livery?

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Great, I will sign you up and yes it is considered as a retro livery!

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Yeah, I can’t wait to attend

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Can i get a gate and is the 757.200 livery is retro?

That is great to hear!

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Awesome, I will sign you up and no I do not believe that it is as it closely resembles their current one!

Excited for this event! Sign me up for a gate, I’ll be in a Boeing 787-8 with the house

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Nice, I will sign you up and just make sure that you participate in an aircraft possessing a retro [United Airlines] (https://www.united.com/ual/en/us/) livery!

I’ll take a gate please

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Cool, I will sign you up!

Hi, is it possible I can get a gate?

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Yeah, I will sign you up!

Hey, are there still open gates, If so could I have one please?

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Yea, I will sign you up!

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