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Ok just added

Seems like a great VA! Thinking about joining soon

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Confirmed I am joining this VA keep in mind that when I join, I may not always be active on Discord due to school
I will join when I get back my active Sub @UnitedVirtual

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I applied a few weeks ago but have not heard back. How do I check the status of an app?

I applied a couple months ago and haven’t gotten a response back.

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@Drxw could you check on this


Of course I will, best way to contact me and get started with the Application process is through Discord: Drxw#3031

I applied around a month ago, any news on when I can maybe see a response about joining.


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hi united i have applyed last month and you guys have still not contact me and today i have applyed again i hope you guys will get the applycation really want to join united VA

The first time I applied was a month ago, then applied again 2 weeks ago. If you guys can attend to my application because I really want to join this VA. Hope you guys read this message.

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Me to @Adventures and @ThePilotP4b21 i dont know if the VA is still active

This VA is active, however, it is very slow.

The new aviate program is full of 120 plus pilots waiting to be finished so they can fly. Ive been in the program for 1 month plus and have only been able to do the test and have not heard from the recruiter that is doing my next part at all. Hopefully the queue shinks so that it can be easier.

And dont take it as me talking bad about the VA, the staff are just heavily loaded and with real life matters and this program, its just not moving fast. Hopefully they can find an alternitave to decrease the work load.

If you have any other questions feel free to DM me.



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Leadership Change

Good evening everyone,

As many people are beginning to prepare for summer, United Virtual is preparing ourselves for an action-packed summer as well. With that being said, it’s my honor to announce my recent appointment as the new President and CEO of United Virtual, effective immediately. Before announcing my plans for the future, I’d just first like to pause and thank Kenneth and his team for an excellent job. Given my experience here, I understand that I’ll be attempting to fill in some pretty big shoes.

As our pilots and the community altogether may have noticed, United Virtual’s activity has been at an all time low. I’d first like to apologize on our behalf. Community engagement means a great deal to us and will be brought forth as a priority alongside pilot experience. As a result, please expect many more Community Events and ROTWs as we try to maintain a higher standard with community engagement.

With all this being said, I’d like to delve into some of the key programs that I hope to bring during my tenure.

Revised Leadership Agenda (05.20.2022)
  • Weekly Friday Night Flights
  • Monthly Open-to-All Community Events
  • More efficient AVIATE Academy
  • Completion of United MileagePlus / United Polaris and Club
  • Completion of Career Mode
  • Expanding Community Engagement opportunities
  • Introduction of United Next… (stay tuned)

I’m sure many of you may be wondering what this may mean for you. Well, please expect a lot more activity on the staff’s behalf, both on Discord and the IFC. Furthermore, events will become a much more common sight and we hope that many of you join us in them. Lastly, we are continuing to search for active members who may be willing to join our staff team. For those who may be interested, please send us a DM on Discord or the IFC for more information and the application.

All in all, I’m elated to be taking on this new role. With it, I plan to be bringing in some major improvements that hopefully bring some more activity and involvement from all of you.

Stay tuned and happy flying,


President and CEO
United Virtual

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Great airline to fly with, just recently joined them, great airline to fly with, very positive and helpful staff, and a helpful community to be with. Discord server is perfect and the crew center is very nice and simple to use. I am currently certified to fly the crj/erj 175, A320 and the 737 series. However I wanna mainly fly regional, so the crj-700 flying United express operating for skywest airlines. Thank you United and to all the staff for making me be part of the team. Definitely is uniting people together


Love being staff here!! Great community!

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I have not been on Infinite Flight for almost two years now due to the stress of university but I am very happy to see that UVAL is still doing well. I really enjoyed this VA it is the best in my opinion. I worked along side @Blake_Stephens the Former CEO of the VA and he really made my time spectacular at the VA. He worked extremely hard to build the VA and always created projects and pitched in ideas to help improve it as well as taking the ideas of other staff members and the pilot community. The members it has are very friendly and the staff always worked extremely hard to make the VA better and keep its members happy. I am proud of the current and past UVAL family for all the hard work they put into this VA. I am planning on coming back to the VA but first I want to settle down and see what happens in the coming weeks or so. I wish everybody the best of luck and I hope to be flying with you guys soon again. Happy flying!!!

Sam Hammoud - Former Head Route Manager of United Virtual


I choked up reading this. It means so much to me that I was able to do these such things during my wonderful time. Thanks Sam. I always loved working with you! Although the majority of people who hear my name turn away in disgust or wonder what happened, to that majority I was one of the best. I don’t like to call myself it, I never did, but it was true. That final staff team I was apart of before stepping down and later away was awesome, and it contributed to the massive success we once had.

Unfortunately, a year and a half has passed on since I gave up my throne, and boy has the VA we once built changed. It’s not like it used to be. It isn’t, nor wasn’t, how I ever envisioned UVAL. To most people that’s a good thing as well. The people who once loved me and my abilities hate me, understandably, yet frustratingly. A simple mistake, and utter stupidly, has held my name against some of the worst people on this planet. It hurts. Even after so much time away from the sidelines and right doings I’m still booed and hated by this community I created. But hey, that’s the way it is isn’t?

I know UVAL is in the rebuilding phase, and much of everything it used to be has been redone or gotten rid of. I know that the staff team is working extremely hard to get this place back to where it used to be. I also know that @Drxw and the executive team will find a way to lead the VA in the right direction. He’s a great guy and so are the staff team. It was a pleasure to get a chance from him to come back and work my magic once again. However, I had to leave and step away for some personal reasons again.

Best of luck to y’all again!
Blake Stephens


Truly love this VA, the community and people are great and just so kind. Everyone is welcoming and the staff is great at their work. Been having only good experiences so far.

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