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I don’t think words can describe how I feel seeing this. I feel regret, happiness, disappointment, and pure excitement!! I waited to see the day where UVAL rebranded itself away from my name, I knew it would happen, and I knew it would be awesome. I cannot help but feel a sense of jealousy seeing this right now thought. I am beyond excited to see this VA get the attention if hasn’t had since I left, and quite frankly I don’t think it got enough attention for the amount of work everyone put in. This is simply amazing to see…It’s been just shy of 11 months since I stepped away from everything, and I can’t express my gratitude to the ENTIRE UVAL family for staying strong during this year, I know it’s been a rough one for darn sure, and that finger will always point at me, as it should.

I wish you guys so much luck into the beyond, and hey, maybe one day I’ll find myself back in the VA, but until that day comes I will watch along the side. Wondering, hoping, and excited!

With all due respect,
Blake Stephens - Former CEO of United Virtual Airlines


I’m proud to be apart of such a VA. #UnitedFamily


Great thread drew, Carlos, and Kenneth


We needed to take a step out of the ordinary; cleaning and building a brand new image that everyone will be able to enjoy. Thank you for showing some love towards the VA, we really appreciate it.

Kenneth N. - UVAL CEO


I am so proud to be a staff member here, and I can’t wait to see what wonderful new heights this VA soars to! Great job on this amazing thread!


Dear pilots and community members,

We’re glad to finally be able to announce our latest (and greatest) rework. From what I understand, UVAL has had to experience several reworks, some for the better, some for the worse. As a pilot here myself, I can understand the frustration regarding our so many changes. It is my hope that this latest rework, while tedious, will bring you the best experience so far. With our first release, we will be offering you guys up to 7 new feautures and changes and we will be sharing with you guys 2 WIPS that will be released soon.

Without further ado, allow me the pleasure of cutting the ribbon, if you will, to the new United Virtual; Connecting people. Uniting the World.

Introducing our AV/ATE Academy

Once again, we have decided to enhance our training program; replacing it with our new AVIATE Academy. Our mission at AVIATE is to give you, the pilot, the knowledge that will provide the best and most realistic flying experience possible. Through our self-guided courses, you’ll be able to proceed at your own pace with Instructor guidance and learn proper procedures, communications, and much more. Our courses are divided into separate Modules, each Module focusing on improving an aspect of the pilot’s flying capability. You will have a designated recruiter and flight instructor to help you get through these Modules, however, the main objective is for you to learn by yourself, guided by our Flight Instructors.

MileagePlus Rewards Program

Enjoy some of our greatest perks with our MileagePlus Rewards Program. Whether it be special access to our hidden fleet or access to one of our most exclusive lounges, which gives even more unfiltered access, MileagePlus is a program that all can enjoy. Membership will be based upon the miles your fly overall, regardless of hours or multipliers. Below, we’ve highlighted the full list of ranks and benefits. We hope to see more of you at Events to collect those Miles!

  • Premier Silver – 50K Miles
    • Priority access for UVAL Events
    • Access to United’s A359
  • Premier Gold – 100K Miles
    • All Premier Silver’s benefits and…
    • Access to United’s Legacy Fleet (DH8D, DC10, B744)
  • Premier Platinum – 250K Miles
    • All Premier Gold’s benefits and…
    • Access to United’s Legacy Routes (over 500 historic routes)
  • Premier 1K – 500K Miles
    • All Premier Platinum’s benefits and…
    • Access to the United Club™

New Ranking System

As some of you know already, our current ranking system, along with our hours system, is very wrecked and unorganized. With this new ranking system, you will be able to experience an organized program. With just four ranks, UVAL’s new ranking system will make it much easier for our pilots to be able to fly all their favorite planes all while being able to stay engaged.

  • Second Officer – 0+ Hours
    • Unlocks the CJR2 / CRJ7 / E175
  • First Officer – 50+ Hours
    • Unlocks the A320 / B737 / B738 / B739
    • Unlocks all Narrow-Body Codeshare Aircraft
  • Captain – 150+ Hours
    • B752 / B763
  • Sr. Captain – 300+ Hours
    • Unlocks the B772 / B77W / B789 / B78X
    • Unlocks all Wide-body Codeshare Aircraft

…and much more!

United Shop

Would you like to buy rewards, multipliers, and limited access to selective aircraft like the B789? Then this is the perfect option for you, the United Shop. Pilots will be able to play both single and multiplayer games to earn virtual currency and make purchases at our United Shop. This feature will be available beginning 12/06/21.

Minor Changes
  • New Discord Server
  • New Social Media Accounts, follow them!
Planned Projects
  • Coming Q4 2021 – United Club™
  • Coming Q1 2022 – New Crew Center
  • Coming Q1 2022 – New Career Mode

We’re really hoping to be able to greatly improve our pilot experience with these changes. Personally, I am extremely excited as we roll these programs out. Working together with @Kenneth_Natal and @Carlos_R has been a tremendous honor and together, we hope to be able to build UVAL to be the best it can be. For those who are interested in joining us as we continue to build, remember, you can apply HERE! Should you have any questions about United Virtual, please do not hesitate to reach out to myself or directly message this account.

We hope you fly the friendly skies,


Executive Vice President
United Virtual



With this new United Virtual I really want to be back there, wanted to know if I can be back with my last statistics that I had ?

Thanks in advance.

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We will happily accept you back with us. Regarding coming in back with you old statistics, we would need proof that certifies your flight hours. We can continue this conversation via PM on discord! Add me: Kenneth_Natal#2047.

Best Regards,
Kenneth N. - UVAL CEO

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Back in this VA, wonderful organisation, can’t wait to start flying again!

Thanks to the staff team who was there to welcome me and quick responders!


Happy 4th anniversary to you guys 🥳🥳


Concluding our 4th Anniversary festivities…

To reiterate what we’ve said before, “thank you” to all that joined us as we celebrated our 4th Anniversary here at UVAL. It truly is up to the community to continue to motivate us to keep doing what we do here. The turnout was amazing, both in-game and those who joined us in our Livestream. Personally, it was all about getting to meet more like-minded people and truly be able to celebrate what we’ve been able to accomplish.

Over the past 6 hours, we’ve managed to show off a few of our latest fleet additions as well, including a sustainable “Future of Flight” A359 powered by one engine, a simulation of our real-world counterparts SAF flight, as well as a demonstration with our B744. These aircraft are now available to our Premier members.

Furthermore, we hoped that this event would be able to help spark some interest in our Virtual Airline itself. With a mission revolving around community engagement, United Virtual seeks to give its pilots the experience they desire. Should you wish to join us in the friendly skies, you can apply HERE!

Once again, I must reiterate just how grateful so many of you showed up. At our peak traffic capacity, we had overtaken VABB, the hub of today’s featured airports. So cheers to you and cheers to our 4th year anniversary!

UVAL Executive Team


Next time you just need to create the skylines yourself as well 😏



  • Must be at least 16 years old (with exceptions)
  • Must not be on the IFVARB Watchlist or Blacklist
  • Must have a valid Infinite Flight Pro Subscription
  • Must be at least a Grade 3 Pilot
  • Must have an active TL2 IFC account
  • Must be willing to communicate via Discord

Hiring Process

  • Fill our our Staff Application HERE
  • Receive an IFC Message and join our Discord
  • Schedule an Interview with members of the Executive Team
  • Receive a decision within 2 days.

Staff Benefits

  • Gain a bonus 250 Hours in the Crew Center upon hiring.
  • Fly any aircraft you choose. Staff are exempt from aircraft restrictions.
  • Fly any route, anytime to anywhere.
  • Bonus Coins for the United Shop (variable)

Our Careers

Title Description Status
Chief Pilot The Chief Pilot flies the flag for all pilots as well as ensures the training process of all students in the AVIATE Academy. Vacant
Events Coordinator Events Coordinators plan, create, and oversee all Events and ROTWs at UVAL. Vacant
Routes Coordinator Routes Coordinators maintains our Route Database and edits routes when necessary. Vacant
ATC Instructor Helps prepare students for IFATC’s Knowledge Test and teaches ATC strategies. Vacant
Flight Instructor Instructs/guides new pilots in accordance to our AVIATE Program. Vacant
Recruiter Recruits new pilots via the IFC and Discord into the AVIATE Program. Vacant



Excuse me i am trying to submit a application and your discord link is invalid. Can u please send me the link to apply or can u make a new discord link? Thanks

Hey guys! I applied very long time ago, but have not bn contacted, can someone lead me in the right direction as far as what to do?

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Hey there,

Thanks for the interest and pointing out our Discord link had become invalid. I’ve taken the liberty of updating the link in the posts above.

Better yet, just click HERE to apply!

Drew C.

Hi Deakin,

Sorry for the wait. As with many other VA’s, we’ve had to delay our acceptances given a shortage of staff. Send me a DM at Drxw#3031 and I’ll get you sorted out!

Drew C.

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Ok just added

Seems like a great VA! Thinking about joining soon

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