United Virtual | Celebrating One Year!

Congratulations United, this is an amazing feat!

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Thank you! :)

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Great feeling to know i contributed to this 2000 hours.


One Year of Flying

We’re quickly approaching our one year anniversary - and we’re celebrating with a huge event! If you’re interested, you can join below. We want to fill up all of Terminal C! Thanks all. :)


One year ago today (on December 5, 2017), I released United Virtual Airlines to the world. UVA was welcomed to the community with overwhelming support, and quickly became one of the biggest Virtual Airlines out there for Infinite Flight. Now, one year later, we look back at some important milestones in UVA’s one year history.

Within one year, UVA has welcomed 187 individual pilots to our family, flown 2290+ flights, flown for 2465 hours, sent 37184 messages on our Slack, and built an amazing community of caring pilots and staff.

This year we introduced our new Crew Center, as well as major updates to the VA in March and November. These updates have changed the VA for the better over the course of a year, and included additions such as activity requirements, rank changes, new staff roles, and more!

I would like to thank everyone who has helped UVA in anyway, especially the amazing staff team. While the staff team may be smaller than some VAs, we’re like a family. I’ve gotten to know these guys very well, and they have become some of my closest online friends. Keep up the great work!

Thank you all once again for the amazing support, we truly wouldn’t be here without you guys. Be on the lookout for some more exciting updates to the VA in the next year!

Here’s to another year!

CEO and Founder of United Virtual Airlines

Be sure to join our celebratory one year anniversary event if you haven’t already!


Our One Year Anniversary Celebration!

Our one year anniversary celebratory event at KEWR starts in just 3 and a half hours! Now is your last chance to join! We hope to see everyone there! :)

Congrats can’t wait to fly with you guys!!!

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Can someone reactivate my account?

You were deactivated due to inactivity - please PM our Recruiter @Ian_Mckillop.

@Ian_Mckillop I can’t figure out how to pm you my grade to apply for United va but here’s my screenshot! image|800x600

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Congratulations, Pilots on Your Accomplishments in UVA

At United Virtual we take great pride in our pilots and their accomplishments. We wanted to take a moment to recognize a few pilots who have achieved extraordinary milestones at UVA.

Join us in congratulating these pilots in their incredible achievements.

This is awarded by UVA for pilots who have achieved at least 100+ Flight Hours


Chief Captain - @Jshnlsn
Chief Captain - @athitayan
Chief Captain - @mogbog
Chief Captain - @Bryan02
Chief Captain - @tstiv96
Chief Captain - @DiamondGaming4
Chief Captain - @TylerShah
Chief Captain - @Brad_K
Chief Captain - @Va_Chier

This is awarded by UVA for pilots who have achieved at least 250+ Flight Hours

Chief Captain - @Isacc_Paddy
Chief Captain - @LucasMillen

This is awarded by UVA for pilots who have achieved at least 500+ Flight Hours


Chief Captain - @Patrick_Gallagher
Chief Captain - @Ian_Mckillop

This is awarded by UVA for pilots who have achieved at least 1000+ Flight Hours


Congratulations, to our soul recipient of this award, Chief Captain - @harmyd.

Thank you for flying the infinite skies and choosing to fly with UVA.

-United Virtual STAFF


Thank you United Virtual for the recognition! I feel proud being a part of this VA!



Addition of The Application Test

UVA is excited to announce the introduction of the Application Test to the process of applying for the VA. Here at UVA we strive for professionalism, this test ensures we get professional and knowledgeable pilots. The test consists of 14 questions, 13 multiple choice (each one point), and 1 short answer response (worth 4 points). The applicants will need a 70% or greater (12/17 points or greater) in order to be admitted into the VA.

(Note: The testing link will be given to the applicant after they have given @Ian_Mckillop the screenshot of their grade table)

-Thank you, from everybody at UVA.



It is with deep sadness to announce that I will be stepping down from United Virtual and Infinite Flight on Monday, February 11, 2019.

As many of your have noticed, I have become increasingly distant within the VA and the Community. Unfortunately life has gotten busy and will only get busier, and I feel that I am dragging down the organization rather than helping it thrive.

Being with this organization for around a year and a half has greatly impacted me as a person within the community and even real life, and has helped me a ton with my people skills. The staff members and pilots at United Virtual have been some of the nicest people I’ve ever met, and I pains me to leave everyone in this wonderful community.

As I am leaving, I am appointing @Jshnlsn with the new CEO spot. I am confident in Josh’s leadership and people skills, and believe he can bring the airline in the right direction.

Thank you all for the memories. I wish you all the best in the future - I know you’ll do great things!


Founder of United Virtual Airlines


I think I can speak on behalf of all the UVA pilots. We sincerely appreciate all of the leadership you have put into the VA. You have built a community where many like minded and diverse people can fly together and form bonds. Thank you @jakevaz423 for being our CEO and starting the first year of UVA off strong.


Thank you Patrick! I’m glad to hear that. :)


I just saw this… I’m sorry to see you go. You’ve been a great CEO and a great friend to work with for the past year and a half before I left. Thank you for everything you’ve done, and good luck on your future endeavors.


Thank you very much @anon36571935 - same to you!



Jake, you’ll forever be looked up to and remembered as a great CEO and Founder of a Incredible VA.

Though, I never was a part of UVA, I could see how this VA was growing strong, big and all thay very fast. Leaving a bit footprint on IFC, making big marks seen by everyone.

I could aee from distance the great leadership and the pilots flying as if there’s no tomorrow, enjoying every second of being a part of this VA.

I hope to see UVA strive and go a long way in 2019 and the future to come. And I can see the sadness in your leave, even I feel bad that a CEO like you are stepping down but with time comes changes and I wish you the best of luck going forward.

// JR

The Non Formal Speech-ish Thing…:
I mean your still on IFC, so I’ll see you around :P