United VA discord link

Can someone please reply to me if they know what the United VA discord link is

If you are not in UVAL we can’t give you the discord link.

If you are in it, please message a staff member so they can help you.

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VAs do not use Discord, as we prefer Slack. However, you have to apply to said VA First. It can be done here:

Edit: I guess they use a Discord. Disregard the slack part then.

As tunamkol said, you must apply and get into the VA before you can access their discord. This was already told to you on the UVAL thread.

This used to be the case but after the Slack ToS update increasing the age limit for the app to 17 or something like that, nearly every VA moved to discord.

Slack really had to-

Also, I got my score back from my application I hit “view” and I didn’t get anything just a blank screen…

Please private message a staff member so they can help you out.


Then UVAL raised age limit to 16 as well for new pilots lol
But that’s apparently due to immature behaviour.

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