United Unveils Stunning New Lounge At Newark Airport

United Unveils Stunning New Lounge At Newark Airport

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United Airlines has finally debuted the pictures for their new lounge at Newark Airport. Newark is one of their East Coast hubs, offering domestic passengers connections to Europe and beyond. As of always, Newark hasn’t had the best reputation, but this lounge should turn it around!

All images courtesy of The Points Guy.

The entrance will be an escalator by gate C123,

Once up the stairs, there will be automatic self-operated scanners to enter the lounge. This is something many airlines are using at the gate, so this would be a first for a longe entrance.

The lounge is spacious and it seems to offer plenty of room to relax and stretch out.

I can’t get over how big this lounge is! There is plenty of space to sit, eat, relax, and even watch planes.

United offers a giant buffet, as well as a bar.

This is now the only United club to feature a shower. United has quietly removed many of their showers in favor of their Polaris lounges, but they are bringing it back to EWR.

All and all, this lounge looks incredible, and it may just be the thing United needs to pull travelers back to Newark, as the airport suffered with delays and overcrowding in 2021. Great job United!


Now that is nice! So open, spacious and casual.

Unlike United flights 😂

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Bruh. 🤣😎🤣

Also on the picture of the entrance scanners, it looks like you can just walk past them on the right hand side…

I am pretty sure it has a reason. Strollers, wheelchairs, etc. can fit this way, and the people at the desks will make sure that nobody gets in without permission. I don’t think they would be that stupid to mess something like this up…

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I’m very excited for this! Glad United is adding more into the airport because I would say most of Newark is still outdated.

oh my this looks amazing !

EWR finally getting the love it deserves

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This lounge has been a long time in the making. I am incredibly excited to see it come to fruition!

Now people have no excuse not to fly United to/from EWR.

Once I missed my flight on United from Newark to Orlando because of how crowded the TSA security was.

Finally United has a second decent club (after LHR)! I feel that this should be made the standard for United Clubs, but I am afraid that is not going to be the case. I kind of wish they followed Air Canada’s model: they have similar quality Maple Leaf Lounges for Regional Business class and lounge members, and the Signature Suites (similar to Polaris Lounges) for long haul business class passengers only.

Wow very nice lounge! Good for newark

We’re in for a treat. The United Club near Gate 74 will also be renovated—scrapped and built from scratch, rather. It is clear that United has a new standard, and Newark is where it will start. 🥰

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This announcement surprised me. Hopefully United will eventually upgrade their Clubs to this level in all their major hubs. I think SFO is next in line, because the clubs there are getting a bit old.

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Today was the day!

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Looks like this is the new standard for clubs! This is a quote from the article you linked:

“If we want to be competitive in a place like Newark, we’re competing with other airline clubs and AmEx and other clubs coming up,” Mortimer said. “This is a great time to set the standard and raise the bar. As we move forward all the clubs will have this look. This is the new standard for United Airline clubs.

I wonder if this is for hub UA Clubs, or for all their Clubs in the system. Regardless, I am very happy with what I am seeing at United; they are elevating all their products and they are becoming competitive. Especially with all the issues jetBlue has been having lately, UA might soon become my favorite US Airline.

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