United unveils new boarding procedures

United Airlines is expanding enhancements to its boarding at gates in airports around the world.

The updated boarding process gives customers more space at the gate, less time waiting in line and improved boarding information to create a less stressful environment.

“The boarding process was one of the top areas customers told us they wanted improved,” said Sarah Murphy, vice president of global operations strategy, planning and design at United.

“We listened to customers and employees as we tested a variety of processes on thousands of flights until we found a better boarding process that results in less time spent waiting in lines, improved communication and a better way to recognize our Premier customers while balancing out the number of passengers in each boarding group.”

The improvements start with reducing the number of boarding lanes from five to two, giving customers added space, more time to relax and less time spent in line.

With more time, passengers can enjoy a nearby United Club or lounge or airport restaurants and shops before their flight.

United app users will also receive a new alert when boarding has begun for their flight, making it easier to know when to make their way to the gate.

In the future, United will expand these notifications to text messages.

Digital displays in the gate area also keep customers informed with updated helpful boarding information.

United started testing a variety of boarding concepts in the fall of 2017, soliciting feedback from customers and employees along the way.

After testing these changes at numerous airports, United received overwhelmingly positive feedback from customers and employees who experienced the better boarding process.

United began rolling out aspects of this process, including updated signage at select airports across its network earlier this year, and putting it into effect at all gates at Los Angeles International Airport in February.

The new boarding will appear at over 1,000 gates across the globe.

Let me know your thoughts on this!


Didn’t they change there boarding procedure like 3 months ago? I might be wrong though


Not sure. This article is 11 hours old so I’m guessing they improvised? 😬

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They began the testing of new boarding procedures in the beginning of the year. This is the official role out to all flights.


Also, in the future, try writing your own summary. It is kinda pointless to copy an article and put it in a forum post.


You are probably right. I remember seeing a topic on IFC around two months ago about United testing a new boarding strategy. Hmmm


I’m just scared people will waste their time finding typos rather than having an productive discussion. But will do!


Don’t worry about it! Adding an opinion can really add to the conversation.

I have experienced this new boarding process before and it really helps congestion as groups 3-5 stay in their seats instead of lining up.

This is not the first time UA has tested new boarding groups, they did this back in 2012 also. I remember at one point they tested 9 boarding groups in Chicago. 9! 2 Premier Access and 7 standard ones. For a regional jet.


I see that United is trying to regain some positive momentum after their semi-recent incidents…

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I think this is also in part of their situation at their hub in KSFO my trigger airport.

When the schedule doesn’t go as planned (delays, long boarding processes, cancellations, etc), KSFO doesn’t have enough gates to accommodate all United flights.

United is the most dominant carrier at KSFO with 45% of all KSFO’s nonstop routes being operated by United. There is even a KSFO-KSMF route operated by United!

They made this new boarding process to help expedite the boarding and get the airplanes on their way in order to make more space for inbound aircraft.


I hope it helps. Because the one time I fly to KSFO on United, we landed 15min early and waited about 30min for a gate.

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Interesting.All I know is united has really good gate information and flight information displays.

Hopefully they will have a boarding process as good as delta.
I really like deltas style of doing it

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