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Well hello there.

4 trips reports in this thread. 4 flights. 2 Different dates. All United.

This is long overdue. A few months before i set out, i asked you lot about your experiences with United and what i should expect. And tbh I’d say it was much better then what I expected. Except for one flight.

All Flights in order

UA 959 UA 1742 UA 1248 UA 923
767-300 777-200 A320 787-9

Felt like going to California for a month. Sue me.

Report one

UA 959


July 4th

This was one of my best flights overall. I arrived at London Heathrow around 5 hours before my flight as my sister and her husband had a flight to catch at 11am with American Airlines. I spent most of that time just waiting at my gates and watching the the planes take off and land. As well as taking pictures of aircraft at other gates. Here are some pictures i took whilst waiting for my flight:

Gate with no aircraft

Same gate but with aircraft

TAP A330 Pulling up into the gate

Big plane

We then boarded the aircraft which was a 767-300. I was expecting the old configuration with the battered old seats and the tiny squared screen but was presented with the new interior. The seat was comfy and the screen was of decent size. I was initially seated on the right side of the aircraft however a couple wanted to sit next to each other so i moved to the left side. Still a window seat. Didn’t mind. Was a great flight overall. Sat next to an old lady. She split Coca cola on me. But United airlines some what waterproof blankets saved me. +1 to the blanket. Here are some pictures of the flight.

The Mighty Seat

Window view on the ground

Takeoff Video


Somewhere in the sky

Somewhere near Chicago

Landed at Chicago

Landing video

Chicago was the worst experience for me. My layover was only around 2 hours yet majority of that time was waiting in queue to pass through border control. I only had around 10 minutes to spare and had to get to the other side of the airport for my next flight. I barely made it in time and im pretty sure i was the last person on board.

Report two

UA 1742


July 4th

As you know, I boarded late. This flight was a meh. I only say this as it was a 4 hour 50 minute regional flight with no entertainment of any sort. I did have a window seat however only like 2 pictures as i was tired due to the first flight being over 9 hours. Also this flight was in the evening and we would be landing around 10pm. I did get to see the July 4th celebration as we neared San Francisco which was awesome as i thought i would miss them, however i didn't take any pictures of them. Here are some pictures and videos i took on board this flight.

The less mighty seat

Big wing

Takeoff video

Report Three

UA 1248


July 31st

This was my first flight out of 2 for my journey coming back to the UK. I arrived at SFO 2 hours before my flight as this is the recommended time to arrive for regional flights. As it was a regional flight, i managed to get through check-in, baggage drop off and security in around 10 minutes which was great. Got to my gate after a 5 minutes walk and sat and waited. We then boarded on time with no issues and took off. This flight overall was one of my best. This is because it was a really short flight coming in around an hour of flying as well as being able to see the beautiful Californian coast.

Here are some pictures i took. These are probably the best pictures i took out of all 4 flights. I didnt take any videos however. :

My Uber

Window view at the gate

Blue Queen

Sharp Left turn after take off

Still turning left

Goodbye KSFO


Hello Las Angeles

Landed At LAX

Report Four

UA 923


July 31st - august 1st

So, this was one flight i was really looking forward to as it was my first time flying on the 787 series as well as my first time flying on a direct 10 hour plus flight. I had never flown for that long before. However this was also my worst flight. It had nothing to do with United. My experience with them has been excellent. The reason to why i didnt like it was because of two reasons. Number 1: My seat did not have a window. I did not know about this before but i should have checked seat guru when booking my seat. For the whole flight i was frustrated. I wanted to get pictures/videos, everything but couldnt and for 10 hours i had my head down on the tray table. Number 2: The lady next to me decided to talk to the gentleman on her left. They had never met before and wouldn’t stop talking for the entire flight. This flight was a Red-eye flight meaning majority of the flight was going to be through the night. Everyone on the plane was silent, either sleeping or watching a move, however these two were casually talking which is why I didn’t get any sleep thanks to them. These two reasons ruined this whole flight for me. And now I will stay away from such long flights and instead book layover flights.

This was my experience with United. Overall I would say the journey was an 8/10. I had a great time in California and have plans to visit again next year also with United.

Thank you for reading and thank you to all the members who voiced their experiences in the other thread i created a couple of months ago. All the information that you guys gave helped me alot.

I hope you enjoyed the reports and would love to hear your feedback below.

All pictures and videos were taken with my phone


Great trip report, loved reading each one, great job!

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Can someone explain to me why this is my favourite trip report on the forum?

@Hamza.N, you deserve a medal for the layout. Very nice job my friend!

Looking forward to more!

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“Decided to go to California for a month, sue me.”


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Great trip report! Better than mine was!

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Love it! Is it a coincidence that we took the same SFO-LAX flight just on different days?

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Not to be a bummer but does the 10 photo max per thread still apply to this category?

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Nice trip report! I love feeing the 777 thrust and hearing its engines on takeoff.

I’ve never had an issue with United, and I’ve flown with them several times.

Also, nice capture of that 747 beauty!

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Totally forgot to share this too. I gained 2,365 mileage points from all 4 flights.

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Nice Nice Nice Nice - 4 trip reports

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Amazing, you deserve a medal for this 🏅.

Your welcome for some feedback, and amazing pics.
I would not survive a sleepless 10 hour flight and now have a window seat.

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