United (UAL2641) Airbus A320 San Francisco-San Diego

Decided to revisit the largest free region in IF today.
Flight was United UAL2641 from San Francisco to San Diego in an A320.
My main reason for choosing this flight was to try to use the PAPI system at San Diego instead of the fake ILS installed. It went pretty well to be honest. I also used the approach chart for KSAN’s Runway 27, and turned off VNAV at 3000ft.

Parked at gate G6 at KSFO.

Taxiing to runway 01R.

Rotating at 140kts.

Good bye San Francisco!

Cruising at FL350.

Approaching San Diego at 8000ft.

Absolute greaser. And on the centreline too!

At the gate at San Diego.


Nice post looks good My favorite is the landing

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Great shots! Seems like a nice, scenic flight 👍

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Butter is what you meant to say!

Great shots btw!!

People have different words for it! I’ve heard some people call smooth landings absolutely crazy things…

Cool pics love them!

I know, I was being sarcastic!

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Haha, no worries, I was a bit as well!