United trying out new boarding procedures.

I am in Denver visiting one of my clients and I get a message from United. Normally I fly AA but United had a non-stop flight so I had to take it.

United® will be introducing a new boarding method at select gates at Denver (DEN). Our customers have told us they want a better experience when boarding, so we’re working to improve the process.

Here are some of the changes you may see if your gate is demonstrating a new process:

■ No need to line up before your group is called: Simplified lanes with new signs will allow you to relax at the gate or within the airport longer.

■ More efficient boarding: Following priority boarding groups, we’ll board customers sitting in window seats first and then middle and aisle seats.

■ Less crowding: Fewer lines will create more space and easier access to the boarding door for customers exiting the plane from the previous flight and during pre-boarding.

■ Improved digital displays: Monitors around the gate will display clear and relevant information about boarding and your flight.

Do you know of other airlines that do it this way? I know each have their own boarding methods but I wasn’t aware of many that did the outside-in method. I think back to the mythbusters episode where they timed different methods.

Other thoughts?


That actually sounds pretty efficient, except here’s a concern - What if a child and their parent or parents are travelling, and the child has a window seat? I’m sure that would be a different circumstance but just a thought. United is taking a good step forward though, I think that will be good for the boarding process.


no kidding as long as the child is older it’ll be fine

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I don’t believe an airline will split the kids up. I’ve seen that happen where kids are in a different group than the parents. They aren’t total animals


To me I think that they should just board from the back of the plane to the front. (Unless it’s a plane that boards from the second door.)


that would be smarter for them to do it as so many people are disputing about sitting next to each other and annoying stuff like that.

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That’s interesting. Have they started using this method yet? I flew from KDEN very recently and I’m not sure if they used the new one or not (it was a small plane so I didn’t really notice)

Its not changing who you are sitting next to. You still have an assigned seat but just the order of boarding changes.

yes chris s that is wat i meant

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I hope this works, United’s boarding process isn’t the greatest. Anything to not have to stand in another line at the airport.

UA began trialing this last year at KLAX. It will slowly be rolling out to all the hubs and then outstations.

Delta airlines does something similar to this but I don’t think it’s as organized as United yet but I think delta is going twords this

Mythbusters did an episode a few years ago on the different systems to board an aircraft and this method was the quickest. Worth having a search for it on You Tube.

I literally JUST watched this Vox video about how each airline make pax board aircraft 2 min ago.
Check it out!

Basically, boarding back to front is slow and random boarding is fast


It makes sense as boarding and deboarding present one of the biggest bottlenecks for domestic turnarounds in the United States. People tend to dawdle and place their carry-on baggage in the wrong place and it all falls apart from there. The biggest thing any airline can do is to tell passengers to only place overhead baggage above their seat to prevent bottlenecks in the aisle. Sure, boarding window seats first will help with some of the bottlenecks in the aisle with passengers moving in and out, but the effect will be limited compared​ to properly educating passengers.

United allows parents/kids to board the aircraft together in the highest ticketholder’s boarding group.


Adult 1: Boarding group 5 traveling on a basic economy ticket, reservation A
Adult 2: Boarding group 1 through 1K status, traveling on reservation B
Kid 1: Boarding group 5, traveling on a basic economy ticket, reservation A
Kid 2: Boarding group 5, traveling on a basic economy ticket, reservation A

In this case, they would be able to in Group 1 because Adult 2 has the highest boarding group. However, if adult 2 has boarding group 2, they would be allowed to board in group 2.

Funny you added this video. I was flying from EWR-VCE on United, and they wanted everyone to board the aircraft quickly due to a slight delay and ATC strikes in Europe. They told everyone to board at once after pre-boarding. Had two people checking passports and two people scanning boarding passes. They managed to board the entire 763 in 12 minutes, which is amazing. Especially for a US carrier.

Looks like Delta is now doing a facial recognition scan for boarding now! About to do it!😮

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How much do you think they spent on this study to figure this out

Not a full flight then :)

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