United Trans Continental Newark to San Francisco

I decided to do one of the most iconic flights which is EWR to SFO. I hadn’t used the current United 777 yet so I thought that I would use it for this flight.

Route: EWR (KEWR) to SFO (KSFO)
Departure Time: ~11:30am (NY time)
Arrival Time: ~5:40pm (NY time)
Server: Training
Equipment: United (current) Boeing 777-200ER

Taking off out of Newark

Cruising over the middle regions

On final at SFO

Slowing down after butter

Doors opening for the passengers to disembark

Tell me what y’all think about my pictures.
(Also I dont know how to make a poll so if someone could tell me or something…)


Nice pictures!

Thank you so much

Awesome photos!

I like United, they are a nice airline

Yuh my mum actually works there as an air hostess