United To Suspend 7 International Routes Due To 777 Engine Issues

United To Suspend 7 International Routes Due To 777 Engine Issues


United has announced another batch of cuts, due to aircraft shortages in June. United is still waiting on replacement parts for its 777-200 aircraft with P&W engines. Until that time many 777 long haul routes have needed to be scrapped.

The following routes will be suspended from June 1 to July 1:


Washington Dulles:

United has also announced 1 permanent cut, from Newark to Stockholm. United said:

“United makes regular adjustments to our schedule in response to factors including resources such as available aircraft,” the airline said. “We look forward to bringing back this flying soon.”

Even with this, the new service United is launching to Europe this summer is incredible, and I’m excited to see a US airline present in some new European airports!



They could have just rostered the 763 or 752 as replacements

Or the a350 I mean all are capable of these flights

whos gonna tell him


I can’t say too much about this, but United is dedicating their ‘52s and ‘63s to other routes. June’s schedule will release on May 15 for crew bids, which is when we may begin seeing these aircraft locate to a new hub for service on select routes.

There are also plans to send a minimum of one 752 and 763 for maintenance and paint during June, limiting the number of aircraft available to substitute.

United does not have the A350, nor are they expected to in the foreseeable future; 2027 at the earliest.


Bruh Newark to Tokyo is flown by a 787-9 with flight number as UAL79. look it up

@JPs_Aviation, it will not be suspended until June 1.

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Why is Dulles to Honolulu suspended? They were using the B767-400’s before. Just go back to that

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Lots of their 757s are still stored in a desert too

Uhh yea… United don’t operate the a350

this topic is about the 777-200, so why is Tokyo from Newark on here when that is flown by a 787-9

New York to Tokyo may not be the most profitable route that they will run that plane on, so they’ll reposition it to some other route that will make them more money. This is a hypothetical situation, but for example, they could take it and run it to Madrid, which may make more money than Tokyo. That flight to Madrid may not be able to get full service as normal because of the shortage of 777s, so they’ll take aircraft some other routes (like EWR-NRT and IAD-HNL) and reposition them onto ones that need it urgently.

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Some of y’all didn’t read the article. A handful of the cut flights, though not flown by 777s, are indirectly affected by the withdrawal of the 777.

Let’s use EWR-NRT as an example. UA79 is routinely operated by a 787-9. However, many other routes in UA’s system (like EWR-LAX) that are supposed to be flown with a 777-200 are being substituted with 787s. This subsequently creates a lack of 787s, and therefore route cuts.


Common W Pingu comment

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Some of these routes don’t even use the 777, in fact. EWR-HNL has had the 764 on it several times, and EWR-OGG was the 763 for example. Think it’s mainly because they need these planes on other routes since they don’t have enough 777s and had to decide which routes will get suspended for extra planes, even if they weren’t 777 routes.

I wanna get on the Azores flight so bad, same with Mallorca, two beautiful places

Correct. But for now, not the case :)

With the age of United’s B777-200 and B777-200ER, has wet leasing or taking on white-tails not been considered? Perhaps even considering with taking on some A350-900 in the meantime would be a good option. A replacement strategy really needs to be figured out before they end up in a position like Qantas where they’re stretching their fleet to the limit.

Not really, no. UA’s 777 fleet still has life left in them, and there’s no reason for United to remove them. The problem with wet-leasing is that they already own a majority of their current 777 fleet, so selling those to lease them back is kind of pointless.

Furthermore, United has begun to have their P&W aircraft fitted with the new livery. This is an indication that they don’t want to remove them from service. Select aircraft are also planned to be reconfigured with the Polaris cabin.

Eh. I agree, but United’s situation is slightly different. They have the aircraft, but, for one reason or another, they’re choosing not to use them (i.e., 752s (14), 753s (7), 763s (5), and 764s(4) in storage).

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