United to launch IAD-MHT Route, Drop EWR service

The airline has not made an official Announcement regarding this change (Yet), this was observed on their official Website

Source: https://travelleaderscorporate.com/united-airlines-news/

United Airlines Beginning Washington-Dulles (IAD) flight March 31, 2019 and Ending Newark (EWR) Flights on March 30, 2019

United Airlines will begin Daily Non-Stop Service to Washington-Dulles International Airport beginning March 31, 2019, while also ending Newark Service on March 30, 2019.

In Recent months, UA has shifted some of their Domestic Routes from EWR to IAD, so this is a big change for us here in Manchester, as we haven’t seen IAD service since the 90’s.

Unfortunately, this means United will Discontinue EWR, meaning we will now only have LGA as the only way to enter New York City.

My Words

I think this is Awesome and a bit upsetting, because United could’ve kept EWR, as EWR was a successful route, and was continued when Continental merged with United back in 2012. So after 6 years, United has finally decided to axe EWR-MHT, and replace it with IAD instead.

Did you know: United used to fly MHT-IAD back in the 90’s using their 737’s. UA Quickly dropped IAD service due to competition.

Aircraft & Frequency

Manchester, NH [KMHT] - Newark, NJ [KEWR] (Ends 03-30-19)

Airline Aircraft Departure (EDT) Arrival (EDT)
United [UA 4257] ERJ145 6:00am 7:22am
United [UA 4130] ERJ145 9:50am 11:12am
United [UA 4326] ERJ145 3:50pm 5:17pm

Last Flight to EWR departs at 3:50pm EDT

Manchester, NH [KMHT] - Dulles, VA [KIAD] (Begins March 31, 2019)

Airline Aircraft Departure (EDT) Arrival (EDT)
United [UA 6046] CRJ700 2:40pm 4:26pm
United [UA 3800] CRJ200 7:30pm 9:16pm

First Flight to IAD departs at 2:40pm EDT

Tickets now available ($132 One Way | $257 round trip Same Day)

Future Trip Report…?


Now Soutwest has competition in the Washington DC area! The fares should be interesting now!

(Southwest flies MHT-BWI)
(United flies MHT-IAD)
(American flies MHT-DCA)


I flew on United several times from MHT to EWR on United, so it’s a bit sad to see this service go. At least there is still direct service to LaGuardia though!

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Yeah, but I heard EWR was a mess to begin with (Mostly Security). I never flew on United, yet that is.

IAD is a returning route to MHT though, so it’s nice to finally see a new destination, but sad to see one go yet again after losing ORD.


This is so good for MHT! Too bad that they could not have kept EWR. I hope to see a trip report!


United is trying to move connecting transatlantic traffic through Dulles instead of Newark. This is part of a large shift of traffic. Daily departures should be well up in 2019 from Dulles.

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It is great to see Dulles get so many new routes this year- announced and launched! United announced service to Tel Aviv next year, United to Edinburgh, Cathay “Paciic” now flies an A35K from HKG, Volaris now flies to Dulles, and now United from Manchester.

EDIT: The short lived Primera route, and JetBlue leaving Dulles.

Yes, because airlines regularly decide to cancel their successful routes


That’s not true. You have plenty of lives available and the most it’ll take is 20 min during the morning rush. Thats why you show up early. How do I know? I used to work there, in United’s Terminal C. By far the most modern at KEWR


The main reason UA is dropping a lot of EWR regional routes is not becauze of profit. Since EWR is pretty restricted on slots UA is limited on what they can do therefore they are gonna prioritize mainline flights and larger regional routes. They are however moving those EWR cuts down to IAD because UA has a lot of room to do whatever they desire there.


It has now been officially announced!


EWR isn’t slot restricted anymore. UA is simply trying to route the lower yielding connections thru IAD and focus on NYC O/D

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Question: Is EWR no longer a hub for UA?

EWR is a major hub for UA. They aren’t going to disband their hub from EWR, since it’ll leave a giant hole if they do.


I never said that. What I said is that United is trying to move connecting transatlantic traffic through Dulles instead of Newark.

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My bad bro I responded to the wrong person. My apologies!

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No problem. Adding on to this, UA wants EWR to go almost all mainline at some point. With the Terminal A redevelopment at EWR, they should be able to get some gate space for some smaller mainline jets. (73G, A319)

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