United to announce new international routes

Hello everyone,

United just announced that tomorrow at 10am central time (1500 Zulu) they will reveal their newest international routes. They seem to hint at routes from sfo, ord, den, and ewr in the video below.

New international routes landing tomorrow. Any guesses? pic.twitter.com/xXwDrd9Qh2

— United Airlines (@united) August 21, 2019
Any guesses at the routes?

It also seemed like they hinted at Denver because I saw the skyline, Maroon Bells, and Union Station. Now I am pretty pumped for this announcement!


Ah ok, I didn’t know what skyling that was, thanks!

I edited the topic to include den 😉

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Hopefully DEN needs even more international routes!!


My personal guesses:

San Francisco:

  • Seasonal Rome or Milan
  • Seasonal Madrid or Barcelona
  • Possible Asia to Bangkok, Nagoya, or Guangzhou - Probably too crazy.


  • Dubrovnik
  • Budapest (Both from the recent success of AA’s PHL flights)
  • Zagreb (rumored New York Area to Zagreb service)
  • Seville
  • Official application for second Shanghai flight.


  • Seasonal Dublin
  • Seasonal Paris
  • Year-round Munich
  • London Heathrow upgrades to year-round.


  • Budapest
  • Prague
  • Tel Aviv
  • Warsaw
  • Krakow
    (These five to combat the recent AA expansion)
  • Madrid
  • Barcelona
  • Athens

I was thinking for Denver somewhere to Asia like China, Singapore, South Korea. My hope is to Tel Aviv but it might be a while before that route happens.


Sorry to say, Denver to Singapore might not happen for a while. With the flight at 9,069 miles, it would be the second longest flight in the world, beating PER-LHR at 9,009 miles. United would have to seriously restrict the seating on its aircraft in order to reach that length.

South Korea is interesting. United only serves ICN from San Francisco. They’ll probably go for Los Angeles or Newark next to be honest, or even Houston given that Korean Air cut the route about two years ago.

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You never know but isn’t PER-LHR operated by a 787-9 which united also operates

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Yes, it’s operated by the 787-9. However, when United used to run LAX-SIN on a 787-9, it had to restrict seats. The flight is about 300 miles shorter than DEN-SIN, so they would need to restrict even more seats.

I’m assuming that this restriction led United to move its LAX-SIN frequency to SFO-SIN to avoid the restrictions.

PER-LHR I believe has wind advantageous, which decrease flying time and fuel consumption, but I’ll need to recheck on that.

Anecdotally, United was blocking 50+ on LAX-SIN during peak winter times… so with DEN, they’d have to block even more.

Truthfully, I’m unsure if there are any business ties between Denver and Singapore, or any ethnic populations.

I believe United also runs a slightly denser 787-9 configuration which adds a bit more weight to the plane, decreasing its range.

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Newark to Sydney
San Francisco to Mumbai
Denver to Cape Town
Those are super far but just my guesses 😃

Yeah… no offense but those are REALLY far lol.

EWR-SYD is nearly 10,000 miles, about 600 miles farther than EWR-SIN, making it the longest flight.

There’s currently no available aircraft to fly that long and can be sustainable at the same time.

Probably the same for DEN-CPT, for United. 9,300+ miles. I wouldn’t be surprised to see IAH or IAD to CPT first.

SFO-BOM truthfully seems possible.

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Hope to see EWR-ZAG

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I do not know if they have said anything but I know they are going to start san francisco to delhi in December and I hope it hurts Air India

Yeah maybe in 5-10 years when better fuel mileage is possible. One can dream.

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I predict Washington to Kangerussulaq.

Its a joke

Possibly KEWR-LOWW?

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Hey @Ishrion

Shortly after creating this topic I saw your topic and was about to say something when it was closed. Your topic was much more detailed, and cleanly presented. I would have asked for this topic to be closed, so sorry that yours was. Thanks for contributing your knowledge over here!

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No problem at all.

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  • DEN-LHR year-round
  • Daily year-round ORD-ZRH
  • Second daily EWR-FRA
  • SFO-DEL extended to year-round

New Destinations:


That’s disappointing