United States of America B-2 Stealth Bomber Makes an Emergency Landing

The billion dollar aircraft suffered an emergency and had to make an emergency landing in Colorado springs.

A quote from Brig. General John Nichols stated: “Our aviators are extremely skilled; they’re trained to handle a wide variety of in-flight emergencies in one of the world’s most advanced aircraft and they perfectly demonstrated that today,” said Brig. Gen. John J. Nichols, 509th Bomb Wing Commander."

I would imagine one of the world’s greatest air forces can manage this landing and I am glad everybody is safe.


Wonder if we will ever know the cause


Right! I agree, it would be nice but I do agree as to why they would withhold it for military purposes (wouldn’t want to expose a military aircraft flaw may be embarassing:).


It’s probably something top secret broke and we will find out in 20 years.


@MrMrMan, you better get over here now if you wanna see that B-2!

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Haha! I was wondering about it. KCOS is a joint field with Peterson AFB so that’s probabky why it landed there. How cool would that be to see it!
Funny thing is, I’m actually closer to KCOS than KDEN. But who flies out of KCOS 😂

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Honestly, I bet my grandma might see it. She works on Peterson.

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We may never know what happened as the USAF like to be stealth about it. ;)

It was a weather balloon.

It probably be a wire broke on the top secret thingy lol

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