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S E M P E R • P A R A T U S /// A L W A Y S • R E A D Y

A welcome from our ex-Commandant:

I am truly honoured and thrilled to be able to welcome you to USCG Virtual’s official Infinite Flight Community thread. Ever since we formed in 2017, we have strived to offer a unique, revolutionary experience for everyone who wishes to accept the challenge. I joined USCG in March 2017 as an Airman Recruit, and have risen to have the honour of commanding this fantastic organisation. If you’d like to be a part of this amazing team, have a look through this thread, and you won’t look back. Semper Paratus.

-Admiral (Retd.) Declan Moody, Commandant U.S. Coast Guard Virtual (2020)

Since USCG Virtual formed on February 15, 2017, we have always strived for professionalism and realism within our ranks and with all of our missions. Whether patrolling the coast, rescuing passengers from a stranded cruise ship, conducting drug interceptions, or flying through hurricanes to rescue and evacuate people in danger, USCG-IF Virtual is always on call and ready to serve.

Our most junior pilots begin their career at USCG with our Aviation Academy. Here they will earn their Type Rating for their chosen aircraft, and improve their personal piloting skills through our basic and advanced training missions. From there, our pilots have the opportunity to progress through the ranks and the most elite will earn leadership roles commanding a group of pilots. Don’t worry though, even our most senior pilots have to fly check rides to keep their skills up to date!

USCG prides itself on having a close-knit, hard-working team of senior Command Officers who provide the day-to-day operation of the service. Click on the arrow below to see who's who.

Commandant of the Coast Guard: Admiral Zane Davis (@ZaneDavis)
Vice-Commandant of the Coast Guard: Vice Admiral Rocky (@SSGTRocky)
Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard: MCPOCG Corvus Novak (@Corvus_Novak)

Here at USCG, we strive to provide the best pilot experience as possible. Have a look at what we do!


General Officers

Admiral [ADM] image
Vice Admiral [VADM] image
Rear Admiral [RADM] image
Read Admiral (Lower Half) [RDML] image

Senior Officers

Captain [CAPT] image
Commander [CDR] image
Lieutenant Commander [LCDR] image

Junior Officers

Lieutenant [LT] image
Lieutenant (Junior Grade) [LTJG] image
Ensign [ENS] image


Master Chief Petty Officer of Coast Guard [MCPOCG] image
Master Chief Petty Officer [MCPO] image
Senior Chief Petty Officer [SCPO] image
Chief Petty Officer [CPO] image
Petty Officer [PO1] image

Airman [AN] image
Airman Recruit [AR] 50px-USCG_AA

USCG Virtual Hub Command Centre

Here at USCG, we use a state of the art virtual hub system that utilises a sleek interface to provide the smoothest experience possible for our pilots. Check it out yourself!

Pilot Life

When a pilot starts with us, they will first undergo basic training in our Cessna 208B airframe through a self-guided learning package which builds up to an initial assessment. This can all be done at the pilot’s own pace, as we absolutely understand that life comes first.

From here, a pilot will then go on to advanced training on an aircraft of their choice. Whether it’s the Hercules or the KC-10, our pilots will never be bored with the variety of missions available.

Once a pilot has undergone their advanced training, they will be assessed to earn their type rating. Should they pass, they will then be eligible for operational service and will be posted to either Transport or Operations, where they will be lead by their LCDR and CDR.

When a pilot is with their operational group, and when they are not deployed, they will have a series of inter-wing competitions and other training missions to complete. These are all optional for participation, but, as they say, the more you put in, the more you get out!

Pilots will always have the opportunity to progress into roles of responsibility as they become available, as promotion to ENS and onwards is by merit and competitive selection.

Perhaps the most interesting part of USCG is our operations. See how we help the world!

Humanitarian Aid

Ever since its launch in Q1 2017, USCG has offered humanitarian support to all sorts of situations around the world - including a tornado in Hawaii and a tsunami in the Caribbean! Service is at our heart, and if we can serve others, we can make the world a better place.


USCG also exists to “Protect our Borders”, and we do just that. USCG is often tasked with deploying to warzones of United States interests utilising the C-130 and AC-130 to drop supplies, and even provide ground attack. Our pilots will experience the best of this during their time with us, landing in intense environments often with no real runway!

Training Operations

Throughout the course of the operational year, USCG partners up with a variety of other military organisations to provide joint training exercises, which simulate the warzone in the comfort of home territory. This aims to train our pilots to see operational environments and to develop everybody’s skills, before deploying to an active warzone or engaging with hostile forces.


USCG operates a varied fleet. Whilst we understand that our fleet is not true to the real world, we make up for the shortfall of USCG aircraft with a range of other aircraft in the generic livery.

Cessna 208B

The Cessna 208 is our primary elementary training aircraft for new pilots at USCG. When a pilot starts with us, they will perform their first training missions on the 208. Its light handling and easy flying allows pilots to work on not just their flying skills, but their airmanship, including Air Traffic Control and Navigation.

Lockheed-Martin C130J (USCG Livery)

Our flagship aircraft, the C130J allows us to take part in a number of operational roles, from search-and-rescue to ground attack. It is capable of assault landings and takeoffs - all skills you will learn during your time as a pilot at USCG.

Bombardier Dash 8 Q-400
[photograph pending]
The Dash 8 is used for search-and-rescue missions, with its long range and large passenger capacity making it ideal for patrolling remote islands. With short landing capabilities, the Dash 8 is perfect for landing on remote airstrips, allowing our troops to find casualties who have been lost for any number of reasons.

Cessna Citation X
[photograph pending]
The Cessna Citation is used by USCG for VIP and senior officer transport to conferences and other important events. Our transport pilots fly these when required, but often, our senior officers like to fly the aircraft themselves!

Embraer RJ-170
[photograph pending]
Here at USCG, we use the ERJ-170 in a multi-role position. It is used as a step-up aircraft for pilots training to fly the A330MRTT. In addition to this, the 170 is used for troop transport for officers when the Citation is just too small, when we need to transport a number of our officers to important events.

Boeing 737-900
[photograph pending]
The Boeing 737, like the E-170, is used for larger scale troop transport within the Continent where the A330MRTT is not necessary. It is also used as a transition aircraft for our pilots wishing to fly the MD-11F and KC-10 Extender aircraft.

[photograph pending]
We use the A330 for long-range troop transport between continents, with a maximum operational range of 6350nm. It allows us to operate intercontinentally, and deploy troops anywhere where they may be needed.

McDonnell-Douglas MD-11F // KC-10 Extender

Like the A330, the MD-11F is used for long-range transport, but in this case for cargo. It allows us to deploy tonnes of operational equipment to anywhere around the world with ease.

The KC-10 Extender is our flagship tanker, used for refuelling operations supporting our C-130 fleet and other organisations’ fleets around the world. It allows us to sustain air-time for hours on end, helping us provide our most efficient service.

USCG is recruiting! Use the form below to submit your application.

USCG Virtual Application Form

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Looking Good USCG-IF! Congratulations @Declan_OHara on your recent promotion! Take good care of USCG!


Looks like a fun VA! Also, great thread!


Hey guys! This VO is amazing!! The amount of creativity and knowledge about the USCG that these guys have us remarkable. I have learned so much about the coast guard and even IF! I highly recommend this VO and with all these big changes coming this VO will be one of the best!!


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Just sent my application, this seems like a very sophisticated and well organized VO/VA.


USCG: Recruitment Open!

Are you interested in taking your flying to a whole new level? Are you bored of the same old point A to point B? Well we’re the place for you! A close and personal community of skilled, like-minded pilots who fly the most exciting and fun missions available to us on Infinite Flight. Does that sound like something you want to be a part of? Answer the call, join today.

📸: Lieutenant Commander A. Grava


Congratulations, Lieutenant Commanders!

Tonight we are thrilled to announce the promotions of four of our best pilots to the rank of Lieutenant Commander, where they each will take up command of a whole Coast Guard District. As part of our grand reform, each district will have their own speciality and our pilots can choose to be where their strengths are, and of course can elect to transfer to a new district to widen their skillset. This is just the beginning of a series of huge changes to our operation!

Congratulations to:

Lieutenant Commander Grava, District 5
Lieutenant Commander Tellmann, District 7
Lieutenant Commander Matt, District 11
Lieutenant Commander Gabriel, District 13


Wear those stripes with pride!

Admiral D. Moody
Commandant U.S. Coast Guard Virtual


Thank you Very much ADM Moody!

Very glad to be in command of District 11! and work alongside the others!

Everyone… this is one of the best VA’s I am apart of!! A lot of fun and a tight-nit community! if ur interested, come and join up… we have a lot planned!!


Thanks Admiral!!! I’m so excited to see what’s gonna happen with my district and I love this VO!! I highly recommend it!

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