United States Air-Force Virtual [Official Thread] Now hiring pilots and staff


I also sent an application.


We are going through applications as fast as we can most people should get approved in 1-3 days depending on how many people we currently have in our short training program


What’s up ya’ll! Congratulations on breaking through to the other side in the infinite flight relm. I don’t know much of anything but one thing I do know is it’s a rough ride at times and I wish you all the best of luck. There’s a lot of open skies that needs protection at home and away. I’m very excited to see the F18 and F14 being utilized they are both awesome airframes. Friendly competition is a good start to a better ending allowing us to train, be competitive and go home with bragging rights.
🤘Rock and Roll🤘


Thank you, looking forward to seeing you in the skies


What military branch are you in real life?


Not military, commercial aviation for more military knowledge you have to speak to my partner.


What is the minimum rank to be a part of USAF Virtual (I’m rank 2, almost at rank 3.) I’m definitely interested in joining.


Grade 3 is our minimum requirement as we only fly on expert


Ladies and gents of the wonderful IFC

For USAF-Virtuals official relaunch we have something very special for you. We are making our first ever IFC event, details and a thread will be released very soon. We also have a lot of open staff positions, especially flight instructors, so if you have had any experience in that field or are interested in that position feel free to apply in staff application.

Thank you for your time have a great day



Viewers of our thread at USAF Virtual its with a heavy heart I must resign from my role effective immediately I cant discuss the matters that force this to retain the integrity should an i investigation unfolded in my absence

To our members your all fantastic and I’m honoured to have spoken with you and personally approved you into USAF Virtual I hope your service is long continued into the future
USAF Virtual has had some troubles but the team are strong and committed
my resignation / removal is regrettable however the time has come to step back for the good of others

Thankyou all once again
Best of luck in the future