United States Air-Force Virtual [Official Thread] Now hiring pilots and staff


We don’t. Looking forward to seeing more military in the infinite flight skies. Cheers!


We don’t think negatively but there’s is gonna be a little friendly competition😁


A bit of friendly competition should be fun


Just applied!



You have to be Grade 3+ and must do 2 trainings before you become an official pilot with the VA.


I’ve already been told, thanks.


Thank you we have accepted your application


Why do you have a F18 in your fleet may I ask?


Because it is part of the USAF fleet


The Air Force puts EWOs in the EA-18G Growlers, but in the end, they didn’t own an F-18. It’s the Navy that does all the work with them.


The AC130 absolutely is not an airlift capable aircraft. Do some research on it and put it in a seperate class haha


Our airlift division also counts as air support since the AC-130 is used for close air support that falls under that category.


Just applied


Long time no see.


Nice threas guys!Well done.Hope us at GAF have a future partnership


We would definitely be open to the idea, having two different Groups operating such aircraft has the potential for great things.


I see you use Fas.org American military academy, for Info also, cool and good luck with the VO


Nice one !


Thanks Tegar


I sent an application. Hoping to join you guys!