United States Air Force | HNL-ADW | Boeing 747 (VC-25)

Hey IFC!
I cannot remember the last time I flew Air Force One on live. I think it was when I was grade 1 being crazy at LAX on casual server. So let’s see how I did. Btw anyone know how old each of the AF1 747s are?
Server: Expert

Callsign: Air Force 1 Heavy
Alright! The photos are here
A wonderful AF1 takeoff

Making the right turn to 150 to reduce noise to the city

Remembering the old days

Flying off into the pacific night

Skipped time ahead a bit so you can see some wonderful sights

Ooh dang

Final 19R

Picture from when I actually photographed AF1 @KMSO October 2018

Safe landing in the nation’s capital! 🇺🇸

I hope y’all enjoyed!
And please no discussion of politics in the comments.


Wow! These are some fabulous shots, thanks for posting!

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