United Star Alliance 737-800

Hi! I’m a huge Star Alliance fan, and I really hope that this plane gets added! It adds more realism, and would go great with the UA Star Alliance 757. I live in Houston so I see Star Alliance liveries from United a lot, and my favorite out of all of those, is the 738. Here’s a picture…

A little history on Star Alliance and United, United/Continental was one of the founding members of Star Alliance, which just had its 20 year anniversary. The other founding members were SAS, Thai, Air Canada, and Lufthansa. The Star Alliance has 27 members across the globe, including United, Air Canada, ANA, Asiana, Austrian, LOT, Lufthansa, Singapore, Swiss, TAP Portugal, Turkish, and Thai. The combined fleet of all Star Alliance members totals to 4,657 aircraft that serve 1,330 destinations. The Star Alliance airlines transport over 670 million people a year. Thanks for reading and vote!

What a beauty 😍

We should definitely get this with a 737 rework, which so many want ;)


A very cool plane to fly


Wow, what an extraordinary beauty!

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The Star Alliance livery on the 737-700 is even cuter!

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People need to vote for this

How about the evo blue star alliance now:

Yes!!! I hope they add a first class cabin for once

Where can I find it. I don’t see it anywhere

It’s not in the game. A features request is a topic for possible addition into the game. The only Star Alliance livery in the game if I’m not mistaken is United’s 757 livery.

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This thread is for the Star Alliance 737-800. You can show your support for those other aircraft in their respective threads.

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the staff member already removed it

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This livery was never in the simulator…? The UA Star Alliance livery is on the 757 (which is still there).

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I think he is talking about the topic…

Would you love to see this on IF

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I think it’d be cool, what do you think

does everybody want this plane

Nice to see some other than the 757

Would you like to see this plane added

Yes I would love too. Especially this