United, Spirit, Virgin America, and Southwest Airlines

Hey all,

Within the next month I will be flying to LAX and SFO onboard four airlines that I’ve either never flown/ never thought I’d fly/ and haven’t flown in almost a decade.

Here are the trips I have planned:

DIA - LAX: I’ll be flying on board Spirit Airlines Airbus A320 on October 7
LAX - DIA: I’ll be flying onboard United Airlines B777-200 on October 7
DIA - SFO: I’ll be flying onboard Virgin America’s Airbus A320 on November 4
SFO - DIA: I’ll be flying onboard Southwest Airlines B738 on November 4

The reason for this topic, is I’m curious if anyone has tips on how to approach these airlines and any ideas on what would be best. Maybe airport layouts/best spotting locations/warnings about aircraft/etc.

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And if you have any funny or interesting stories to tell on these airlines/airports, drop the, below :)


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That’s quite a strange mix of airlines. As @Aussie_Wombat said, and what i was getting to when saying this is, yeah, credit the original photographer if there is no watermark already in the photo.


One thing I must ask is, are you telling the whole truth? I don’t recall United operating 777s out of Denver for short haul routes, (I’m assuming DIA is Denver, anyway), and also, why are the return dates on the exact same day as the fly out? This doesn’t seem to add up.

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He likes to find cheap fares across the country then fly out there for the day to do spotting and all the fun stuff then go home.


I can tell you I am not lying yes. It doesn’t take much effort to simply search up LAX - DEN trips. I’d also appreciate you do your research before hinting that I’m being deceitful :)

Here is some proof for you, right from my inbox. @Noroftheair


Good luck with the trips! excited to see how they are. I might start doing this out of LGA just to rack up the miles and fly business/first aboard a longer trip.

Well, you see, I did look up the 777 case and found nothing of it, but I suppose the ticket says otherwise. The whole one-day thing just seems a bit strange to me because I’d imagine that costs quite a bit of money for something so little.

I love doing these flights and just spending one day enjoying my passion for aviation. This is the same way that some people run on say adrenaline or they spend the day at the zoo or DisneyLand. That’s what these trips mean to me. I’ve been trying to do this once a month. And so far I’ve been able to find dirt cheap prices on these four airlines, well five including Frontier.

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It cost $90 roundtrip to fly Spirit and United roundtrip, and it is never different. $30 to fly Spirit and $60 to fly on Uniteds B777
And @Noroftheair it isn’t something so little. I don’t understand how someone who is interested in aviation can call a day spent full of flying and aviation, especially on a 777…little.

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United operates 772s out of Denver to KLAX, KSFO, KORD, and KEWR.


Thank you for helping :) I was looking for that information but you beat me to it.

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I was looking at Itinerary to New Zealand and found the same odd thing. I did some research on it. Pretty interesting! Sadly their 772s that they use domestically are fairly outdated.

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Yeah they have no seatback tvs except for First Class. So I won’t be getting the best, but anything like the 777 is good news for me. I’ve never flown on anything larger then the A321.
But I have found out that they have:

  1. Compimentery snack and beverage upon boarding the aircraft
  2. Snacks for purchase and meals for purchase on flights over 3 hours
  3. wifi for purchase
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Yep! They are notorious for changing the aircraft type though. Don’t count on a 777 being at your gate.

Cmon man, don’t put negativity on this ;) I will never doubt. :) even if I get a B739 I’ll still be happy as they have seatback TVs lol.

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Haha, yeah…

They changed our entire itinerary to NZ recently. I won’t be flying on the United 787, instead, I will be on an ANZ 772 :/

See and that is exactly a change I would hope for…ANZ over UAL is an amazing change.


You can find some really killer deals for day-long trips. For a $150 fare in October, American was running IND-ORL-MIA-DFW-CLT-IND- a total of four different flights on three different planes. Awesome way to rack up miles and experience takeoffs/landings for avgeeks. With the right booksmarts and hunting, flying for fun turns out to be a great hobby.


That is exactly what I’m doing. And I’m gaining miles on Frontier, United, Southwest, and Virgin America/Alaska. It’s awesome!!

Personally I’d rather stay in the city that I’m going to, after all, might as well take that advantage, so you can do some exploring.

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