United set to remove seats, not people, from it's planes

United Airlines, they’ve removed a lot of things from their airline over the years, like quality service, the deadly 737 MAX and a Vietnamese doctor who they forcibly removed because why not?! Now, as well as passengers they are removing the very things that they sit on, seats. But why?

United’s seats, only a minor improvement compared to bricks. Sure if you’re lucky enough to snag up a business class seat because you have too much money and want to feel entitled then you may disagree with me but for all of us cattle class folk, it’s not the most comfortable experience. Now to the meat of the story.

United operates United Express, well not really, United Express is just a brand name and the actual airline comprises of seven regional airlines such as SkyWest and Air Wisconson that have all come together to form the brand. Under this brand, the pilots have contracts that limit how many 76 and 70 seat planes they can fly, the planes that are affected by these include the CRJ 700, Embraer 175 and the Embraer 170 having between 70 and 76 seats respectively. The problem is, they want to fly more of these but they can’t, they are maxed out. So here begs the question, what do they do?

Well, United has a few options, fly their notoriously uncomfortable CRJ 200 jam-packed, convert their CRJ 700’s into CRJ 550s or convert other aircraft into the economy only cabins or economy + business cabins. Let’s rule out the first option, no one likes CRJ 200’s, they are notorious for being cramped and uncomfortable, they are also really only used for short routes. The other two options are viable, simply removing seats off an E175 could make it more appealing for business travellers and they could charge extra for extra legroom, better still why not convert some of their CRJ 700’s into more 550s, a perfect opportunity to attract more business travellers. So what do you think United should do?

What will United Express do with it’s planes? image credit


This is for me the best way ahead here. With low demand to be expected in the (near) future and the CRJ550 offering a great passenger experience from the pictures I saw this might be the best way to attract customers for the next months/years on ‘thin‘ low demand routes.


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