United’s “Hawaii One” Dreamliner [Concept] Rotates Out of Honolulu

This is not at all like my normal posts as I never really only post one photo or photoshop (mainly because I’m bad at it) but I had the idea to make a “Hawaii One” livery on a United 787. I used Adobe Photoshop Mix on my IPhone 6s and it took about an hour and a half to make. The tail is the hardest part to work with as I’m sure you can see. I was in solo mode and my flight time was about 7 seconds.

Like I said, I don’t do very much photoshop so PLEASE let me know your honest opinions and if you like the idea I could use some other ideas for special liveries.

Should I make another one of these and please be honest, I won’t hold any grudges on anybody 😉

  • Yes
  • Maybe
  • No

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That is really good!

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It would look the best with the New United Blue stripe


It’s great, the only thing I noticed is the middle texture runs onto the wing. I wouldn’t do good at all because I have never edited a photo very much. Great job!

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Thank you!

I think that stripe would look really good but the new text for the new livery would cover up most of the design on the fuselage

Thanks for letting me know that, I didn’t even realize

Very nice edit! This is really nice for someone who doesn’t do much editing 👍

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Thanks! And I saw you approaching O’Hare a few hours ago from New York 😉

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I thought I missed something and United got a new livery. This is awesome!

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Longest flight ever. World record broken! 🤪

Unique theme! :)

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Thanks for the spot! 😁

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Thanks a lot! Maybe they could make it a new livery 😂😉

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By far my longest flight!

Amazing man! Submit this to United and ask them to consider it! Lol

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Haha, maybe I should lol!

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