United Rising Blue 757-200 (with winglets)

Credit goes to Sebastian Roxman on JetPhotos, link below

This feature request aims to add the Rising Blue United livery to the upcoming Boeing 757 rework! I for one love this livery for its creative take on the Saul Bass tulip. Let’s go into a history lesson:

United had just gotten out of bankruptcy protection, and the marketing team felt that the brand needed a fresh, new, livery to match up with a fresh, new United. This livery, nicknamed Rising Blue for the shades up blue rising up across the fuselage, matched perfectly with the iconic Saul Bass tulip and would be the last example to use it. This livery was in use between 2004 and United’s merger with Continental Airlines in the early 2010s. With the merger, United took on Continental’s branding and this beautiful livery faded into history.

Let’s honor the legacy of the old United and the iconic Tulip by adding this livery into the upcoming 757!

Credit for the example image:

The last livery to carry the iconic “tulip” it’s a shame it was so short-lived. Still looks nice!

Don’t normally like retro liveries, but this one is a exception, I’ll see if I can free up a vote!

I love this livery, it’s so underrated imo!

757’s been around for so long (and United’s had so many great liveries) this is a great link in the chain!

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