United Returns to New York JFK With Flights to Los Angeles & San Francisco!

United Airlines is returning to New York JFK Airport!

After five years since leaving New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport, United Airlines will return to the airport starting February 1, 2021.

United will operate out of Terminal 7 from JFK and relaunch two former routes:

  • 2x daily JFK to Los Angeles (LAX) with the 767-300ER
  • 2x daily JFK to San Francisco (SFO) with the 767-300ER

United will use its high-density premium configured 767-300ERs with 46 Polaris Business Class, 22 United Premium Plus seats, 47 Economy Plus seats, and 52 Economy seats on these two routes.

If United manages to acquire more slots at JFK, they’ll plan to offer service to other hubs such as Denver, Houston, and Chicago.

United’s CEO Scott Kirby:

“I have been waiting a long time to say this - United Airlines is back at JFK. Come early next year, we will be serving all three major New York City area airports with a best-in-class product to provide our customers unmatched transcontinental service from New York City and the west coast.”

United Airlines abandoned flying to New York JFK in October 2015 and decided to consolidate its operations in Newark Airport with some fragments remaining in New York LaGuardia. Up until leaving JFK, United operated JFK-LAX/SFO so this is sort of a reroll back in time.

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Congrats to United for its return to JFK Airport!


I really don’t think they need to, but that’s just my opinion. I mean a couple of flights couldn’t hurt, but I don’t understand airlines that have a major hub, and try to move into another major airport right next door. I doesn’t always work out.


The the only benefit of this would would be that people who are closer to JFK can fly United.

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Big benefit though, but Newark people won’t be happy. That’s their airline, or should I say your

I live by KEWR like 5 mins air time and I’ve never seen United operate to JFK. This is because of their hubs in Newark Liberty and Washington Dulles. I dont really think it’s relevant for United to operate to JFK because the airports are right next to each other. Plus, UPS and jetBlue sometimes go from JFK to Newark and its only like 10 minute flight.


I’ve got my own problems with AA leaving LAX for SEA for their Asia routes 😂

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Wait there actually doing that O_O

No. Just no.

Next article:
United Leaves Newark in Favor of JFK



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Yes. They are 😒

Nooooooooooo! lol that would be the worst
I’m not clicking on the link tho

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Why would they do that? They have had Newark as a hub since like the airport same out Irl. Don’t think United would just abandon an airport like that. Come on. JetBlue has a hub at John F. Kennedy already. It’s a bit irrelevant for United to just switch to JFK.

Is this real?! Am I in a dream?

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If Coby Explanes on YouTube makes a video on it im googling it.

Honestly I’m surprised airlines are adding new things (such as routes) and changing stuff around despite we are in a pandemic.

In a way would it benefit them, more opportunities for passengers to connect with other star alliance airline? I heard that somewhere but not sure if it’s true as quite a few star alliance airlines are also at EWR

Would be very cool, assuming they’re not cutting any routes out of Newark I don’t see any issues or assume that EWR would be unhappy… it would really just make the route more competitive because they’d be directly competing with Delta, American, Alaska, and more rather than flying to airports nearly an hour away from each other.

The additional capacity on the JFK-SFO/LAX route probably wouldn’t hurt, it’s already an extremely profitable route and definitely one that brings in a lot of money for both airlines. Of course it could bring about some changes for business/first passengers because it wouldn’t be one of their premium transcontinental routes, so in terms of amenities EWR would probably be better, but for convenience I’d probably take this flight if I had the chance.

There is really no reason for United to abandon Newark and go to JFK. First of all, they are next to each other like 10 mins flight time, and second of all, United’s Newark hub has been there since Newark came out basically. So why would they abandon Newark? It isn’t very relevant for the Airline really.

They’re not abandoning, it’s adding an additional service. JFK most likely doesn’t even have all the space for another airline to open a hub as large as they have at EWR, and it’d cause a lot more airlines than just UA to leave Newark because most Star Alliance carriers fly there.

They wouldn’t cut any EWR flights. Yes, United does have a large presence at EWR, but when United ran the JFK flights, they had a loyal following on those.
Many of you have to realize that the NYC area isn’t just Manhattan. There were many business people in Queens, Brooklyn, Long Island, etc. that used these flights to get to the West Coast because their businesses had contracts with United, and vice versa with West Coast businesspeople getting to the areas I mentioned above. Getting from Queens to Newark across two rivers and with traffic is a nightmare, so JFK and EWR draw from two totally different areas.
Just one thing, it might be a bit tough for United to regain what they lost, since many businesses signed contracts with other airlines like Delta, American, for business travel from JFK to the West Coast, and vice versa once United pulled out of JFK.


Yea I didnt mean it like that, but they are almost ditching Newark if they do. Plus why would they move to an airport nxt to Newark? It’s more of a competition and mat make the airline bankrupt if they play risky