United Refunds Passengers due to a Drunk Stewardess on their Regional Carrier "Trans States"

On Thursday there was a drunk flight attendant onboard United Express (Trans States) flight 4689. She was swearing in the safety demo and even got up in someone else’s face. Passengers on the flight from Denver to Williston, ND felt scared and unsafe. United refunded all passengers onboard flight 4689 as a, “gesture of goodwill”.


Just why is the media trying to roast the airline industry to a crisp? It just makes me feel bad for them now.


I am pretty sure it is because all they care about is money, they make loads off of airline headlines.

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The mail is an english newspaper they will write any headline that will make them money-rascist
Or whatever else it is. In my opinion a horrible newspaper

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Let’s get back on topic alright. The act was incredibly kind on United’s part, especially considering their recent bad reputation. I didn’t expect this at all as almost airlines would just let it slide. Happy to see that United is trying to fix their reputation because 2018 has just been such a terrible year for United, Southwest and the avation industry itself.


yeah your right sorry :) and yeah i completely agree

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