United Premium Plus | Premium Economy Review On The 777-300ER!

United Premium Plus - 777-300ER!

This flight was taken before the coronavirus pandemic, This flight was taken before the coronavirus pandemic, on 2020-03-03T21:35:00Z

Hello ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to another trip report. Today, I will be flying on the 777-300 ER from Newark over to Ben Gurion Airport. Because of our elite status with United, we have lounge passes that are able to be used once per year. We decided to use them on this flight, and got access to the United lounge by gate 93, the lounge was big, but very crowded. That was enough food, but the selection wasn’t as large as you would’ve thought. Unfortunately, there are no apron views from this lounge. The only views are down into the terminal, because it is on the second floor.

This flight was around 4 PM, and the food options were limited as I said earlier. There was a Buffay with a decent selection of food, and a bar with a bunch of junk food.

Luckily, while we are walking to the gate, we got some great views of the apron (and if you look to the right hand side, you’ll see the “Her Art Here Livery”)

Today, we will be departing from gate 123, As we embark on the 10 hour and 30 minute journey towards Israel. Today, our aircraft is N2331U, A four year old Boeing 777-300ER. As we board, let me introduce you to the cabin. It is laid out in a 2-4-2 configuration, and offers three rows in United Premium Plus. That makes a total of 24 seats. The ones by the window sell out very fast, so you want to grab them as quickly as possible.

Our flight was completely full in premium economy. I actually really like the purple in the premium economy cabin, it shows Uniteds new branding colors. The seats are similar to what you’ll find on domestic first class. The only difference is that these have an extendable leg rest, which helps for more sleep in comfort ability. Today, my seat is 21K and 21L. The seats are similar to what you’ll find on domestic first class. The only difference is that these have an extendable leg rest, which helps for more sleep and comfortability.

United provides a large TV screen and each seat. It’s able to be adjusted up and down, so if the seat in front of your clients you can adjust the screen. There’s also a USB port in the screen, and a charger under the seats. There was a lot of movies and shows on the screen, and enough to last even the longest flights that United has.

United also provides headphones. They aren’t the most expensive headphones, but great for the price of premium economy. A basic amenity kit was provided, that had simple necessities such as toothbrush, toothpaste, eye shades, and earplugs.

Now, I expect the same standards from domestic first class, as I will with international premium economy. The menu onboard premium economy was great, but not like my favorite CATERING airline (take a guess they’re in the USA). However, the selection was very good and I would’ve been happy with any of the meals on there.

The meal that I got: chicken. It was really good and it also came with a salad, ice cream, and a “luxury drink.” (But I’m not old enough for that 😢).

As we cross the Israeli coastline, and make a stunning approach into Tel Aviv, I would like to go over my thoughts about this flight.


I have really high expectations for united premium economy and domestic first class in the future. Which, having high expectations for United is not a good thing. They are really a hit or miss airline, and this one was a hit. I really enjoyed this flight, and I think this product would’ve been comfortable on flights of even longer distance. and before everyone asks me, I was not allowed to open the window to take any pictures throughout the flight, so no, you’re not getting any of that stunning wing view on the 777. So, thank you guys for reading this review. Please vote in the poll below, to tell me what airline I should review next!

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f i r s t

Awesome report, the United 77W is my favorite 777 livery, wish I could go on one 😕

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Beautiful trip report, lucky to have planned your trip not even a couple weeks later! While I’m at it I’m kinda curious, since in the beginning of March COVID was already a major international concern, was there any precautions used on the flight? Was anyone more mindful of their health and safety than normal? Was the atmosphere any different? I didn’t fly since the coronavirus was even a thing so I’m quite curious about that.

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I wish that you get on one soon!

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Interesting question actually, I flew on that day, and the 12th, and basically no precautions were taken. We didn’t really know the potential of the virus at that point. I would say one out of seven people were wearing masks, and the airlines said that they were making an effort to wipe the planes down a little bit more, but no heavy sanitization like now.

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Great review! I wouldn’t go on United for one reason: they put the “hospital” in “hospitality” 😂

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Huh. That’s interesting considering some US cities were already going into lockdown at that point.

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Wow. Love it! Super detailed!

Not gonna lie, I’m kinda inspired to use my own photos and create some trip reports!

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Yep. I have to use that one now LOL

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Thanks! Glad you enjoyed!

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I know. I was trying to be cautious myself, but there wasn’t many precautions being taken at that time

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The votes are all really close! May the most voted one win!

Hey Nice trip report!
I really hope to fly a UA77W one day:)

If I may ask why were you unable to open the window?
I have never had any problems with a window during a flight, So just curious

The crew were not allowing us to open the window. The window was opening fine, it wasn’t broken. The crew would not let us open it @ORDspotter

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Oh that’s really weird, I have never heard of That happening.
Anyway, Great trip report!
Stay safe

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