United Places Order for 200 787s and 737-MAXs

United Places Order for 200 787s and 737-MAXs


Today, Boeing and United Airlines announced the airline had placed another significant order with the manufacturer. Specifically, placing an order for 100 787 Dreamliners with purchase options 100 aircraft, the largest order of the type ever. In addition to this on the narrow-body side, the airline is exercising a further 44 existing purchase options and placing a new order for 56 737-MAXs.

With this order included, the airline will now have 530 737-MAX family aircraft and 171 787s on order with Boeing.

Deliveries of the 737-MAXs will be tied into the existing order which is currently ongoing, while the new round of 787s are to be delivered from 2024 to 2032, working on replacing older types in the fleet such as the Boeing 767 and Boeing 777-200 fleet.

Although not officially cancelled, the future of the Airbus A350 is now in doubt, with United being able to replace their entire older generation of wide-body aircraft and then some when both firm and options on the orders are counted.

The order agreement for the 787s allow United to pick the composition of the new fleet, being able to be split across all three variants as they see fit.

This is United’s second large aircraft order in just as many years, following a June 2021 order for 270 narrow-body aircraft between the Boeing 737-MAX and Airbus A320neo families.


That is insane, I’m happy for United!


Yes! This is great, love the idea of adding more 787s and most likely dropping the A350 orders. I never liked the fact that United wanted A350s


United’s got deep pockets. 🤑



I wonder how attractive the discounts are. Considering that Boeing at this point in time is probably on a trajectory where they’ll have to do anything and everything to increase their market share, with products that are objectively subpar relative to Airbus, their choice not only to drop their direct competition to the A321XLR but double down on this strategy better work out in their favour.


If you ask me, there have been two United’s. Legacy United and United Continental. The A350 order came from Legacy United, while practically everything since then has been from United Continental, and it’s clear which path United is going in terms of fleet composition.


Big Boeing Dub

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Certainly finishing the year strong, rumored Air India order could also give another nice boost if they do go through with it by the end of the year.

I see United has been doing some holiday shopping


Why wasn’t mentioned anywhere on which variant of the B787 they went for?!

I think they’re going for all variants since they operate them all. idk tho.

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All, if you watch their stream today, they say each variant has a certain purpose for the airline, they showed a picture of the -8,-9, and -10 all together.


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