United Pilot removed from Flight

She was not in uniform, she made what could have been perceived racial slurs/threats, and she made more than 20 passengers want to deplane. What could make passengers suddenly want to get off of a United Airlines flight so suddenly?

NEWS United Airlines pilot removed from her flight after calling Trump and Clinton ‘assholes’

Please keep it civil. No politics. I jus wanted to share this bit of aviation news.


At least she kept it bipartisan.


She wanted to make sure she didn’t “offend”…I think it was a futile goal though lol.


I don’t think you can get any dumber then that. There is no reason what so ever to just do what she did… ( Bet she got fired.)

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I don’t know how true this was, she was plain clothed…

It said in the article she was not in uniform.

Exactly, why would a pilot not be in uniform? Seems a bit odd ;/

When BuzzFeed is the source… That’s more of an entertainment website than a news website. Could easily be fake. Since the BuzzFeed article has no other source than one Tweet. I won’t take this serious and it could easily be a clickbait article for views. Easy money.


Slap on the wrist at worst.

That’s true lol. I think she was a bit stressed out. Maybe. Just a tinsy bit

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@FabianBouw Nailed this one. When quotes come from Buzzfeed the credibility goes out the window. I’ll go look for an official statement from United.


I don’t believe buzzfeed personally, but if it’s true, this person is obviously going through a lot. I hope she gets the help she needs to get through this tough time in her life. To go from being a muchly respected pilot, to this, says her brain has undergone an immense level of stress. I refuse to throw this woman under the bus, rather wish her a speedy recovery!


This was all over the news yesterday from multiple sources. Pilot appears to be mentally unstable. I doubt she will be flying anytime soon, if ever If the FAA recinds her medical qualifications.

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Maybe Spirit will offer her a job.


To everyone doubting lol looks like the article paid off.

I saw this one the YouTube trending tab. I am a little confused, was she ranting about Trump and Clinton?

Why, they should have cut her some slack she is a pilot for the company they should help

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Why should they cut her any slack? Just because she’s an employee doesn’t mean she can say whatever she wants to her passengers.