United Pilot Does Something Awesome


A United pilot bought burgers for the passengers and crew. All of them.

"A pilot on a Mesa Airlines flight to Houston surprised passengers with a free lunch amid an hours-long flight delay on Monday.

One of the passengers praised the captain of the flight, which was operated by United Express.

‘We’re currently 2.5 hours into a delay leaving Tulsa on @ united To prevent tagging someone. and our Captain, Matthew just ordered every single person on the plane lunch from Fat Guys Burger Bar," passenger Sam Walker wrote. "Good people and customer service do still exist!’"

Great Job United.

Note: Acording to FR24, the plane was delayed for almost five hours. (4:51)



Incredible. Just what I needed to make my day better. :D


Thanks Dylan! I am glad you liked it.


Wow. Nice story of a pilot from an airline notorious for bad customer service spending hundreds of dollars on these passengers. Thanks Matthew.

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Mattheus. Its Mattheus.


Seriously? Was that the name? 😅 🍔


Always nice that a pilot makes such a generous act. Not the first time I read stories like this one but it’s always heartwarming.

Wow stuff like this really makes a difference and really makes my day hearing this.

Imagine a pilot flying an A380 to do this for his passengers and crew wonder what the bill will be looking like 🤣

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At least $1000.

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I was talking about the pilot’s name
But thanks for posting this @Mattheus

That’s really cool to see something like this! Certainly shows there’s some great people out there!


Awsome to hear!! That probably made those passengers day especially after a delayed flight we all know how fusterating delays can be huge props for the pilot!!

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My pleasure.

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Not what I would expect on a United flight but nice gesture from the pilot! :D

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We need more pilot’s like this in the industry…it proves that humanity still exists out there out so many odds in this world.

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So heartwarming. A simple act of kindness goes a llong way!

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