United Parcel Service (UPS) | BIL-ONT | Airbus A330-200F

Hey IFC!
So here is the story. Yesterday I dropped off a package I’m shipping from Missoula to San Fransisco. The service was UPS 2-day air, so I knew the package would fly at some point. Last night it was driven to Billings, which is Montana’s UPS regional hub, then today it boarded 5X2914 to Ontario, so I decided to fly that route in infinite flight which was tons of fun! It will continue onto Oakland early tomorrow morning (5X962) then will be driven and delivered to its destination.
Server: Expert

Callsign: UPS 2914 Heavy
The photos are here!
Heavy takeoff from Billings

Climbing high

And flying high

Cool scenery along this route

Oh yeah

Flying past the Grand Canyon

Descending from desert to green

Safe landing in Ontario

I wonder if I should fly the connecting route my package is taking tomorrow 5X966, that would be fun

I hope y’all enjoyed!


Cool pictures! Finally the REAL SoCal Cargo Airport was used!

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Tracking it on FR24


Cool shots! Isn’t that A330-200F the ugliest aircraft ever tho 🤢

A330s can either look really ugly or really beautiful, and that most of the time is determined by the livery that’s on it. But the A332F is always ugly.


Awesome flight! Nice shots.

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I agree with that 100%

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Very nice idea. At some stage I will be interested to know how can I be able to view my flight information for my package. If I ever ordered something of course, it will be cool to recreate this route. I am also not sure if UPS operates the A330F.

Nice sandy scenery!

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Making sure to deliver those masks! 😉

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I’m not actually sure if UPS ever had the A330F in their fleet. This route is overrated by the A300F, but we don’t have that so this is the most similar airplane to it.