United orders 4 777-300ERs, 24 new 737 Max Aircraft

In other news…

United has order 4 777-300ER aircraft as well as 24 new 737 Max Aircraft.

They currently operate 18 777-300ER and nine 737 Max 9 Aircraft.

What do you guys think they’ll use it for?

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I think it is to improve passenger flow.

My bet is that the 77W order is just to right-size their fleet mix for future requirements.

4 77Ws will be incredibly cheap (less than $100 million per unit) and available much faster compared to other comparable options out there at the moment. UA can quickly (by airline standards) fill a capacity gap and still have a very solid, mature aircraft good for at least 10 years of competitive commercial service.

Once the 77W becomes less competitive in terms of fuel costs, UA can then offload it for very good money and the plane will do another 20 years at a charter outfit like Omni.

It makes sense for UA to pick up another 24 737 MAX, they need the short-haul capacity especially if they plan on retiring their older 737/757 frames. With Boeing’s MAX order book filling up, it would be wise for UA to have a couple of production slots so they are not caught flat-footed as US narrowbody fleets transitions to the next generation of aircraft.


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