United Orders 25 New 737 MAX Airplanes

United Orders 25 New 737 MAX Airplanes

United Airlines has added to their order of outstanding 737 airplanes with an extra order of 25 737 MAX aircraft.

“These new aircraft are going to allow us to be more competitive,” said Andrew Nocella, United’s chief commercial officer. “It’s the right aircraft at the right time.”

United is going to use these extra planes to add capacity on some of their highest demand routes in the United States. This includes Florida and Hawaii.

They will all be pained in United’s beautiful new livery and I’m excited to fly on a MAX (in a few years)




The more the merrier.


More beautiful airplanes in chicago, I approve!

Oh yes, this is what I needed to hear this morning! I’m presuming they are MAX-9, because I don’t think they need more MAX-10s, and MAX-8s would be a larger order than 25. Great news for both parties!

This makes a crappy day a bit less of a crappy day. Super excited to see these aircraft in the skies (eventually).

Thanks for sharing, Zac!

Huh. Wonder what the variant is. There were talks they could go for the MAX 8 since there’s a bunch of white tails now sitting around, but it’s probably for more 9 or 10s

I heard that out of the 200 something MAXes in the fleet after all of them are delivered, 100 of them will be the -10.

Correct, as they already had 100 MAX 10s on order. First one was supposed to already be delivered or close to it (the currently built test aircraft is going to UA) but it got pushed back because of the groundings.

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An airline bolstered their order for a plane that will surely be the cornerstone of their domestic fleet in the coming years? I’m shocked 😂

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