United or United? (Voting!)

Usually it’s kind of easy for me to pick which one to post but for this time I can’t decide. I love the edited photo but i also love the stock image. Lemme know what your thoughts are!
Feedback in welcomed

Flight Info
Airline & Aircraft: United Airlines - Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner
Route: Osaka-Kansai 🇯🇵 (RJBB) - San Francisco 🇺🇸 (KSFO)
Server: Expert

Stock Photo:

Edited Photo

  • United Airlines Stock Photo
  • United Airlines Edited Photo
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Both look almost identical to me - Good shot nonetheless.


The second one you can tell is a little bit edited. The colors are sharper and brighter.

I think deep blue looks absolutely awesome on the second screenshot, but the fuselage has to be brighter like on the unedited shot 🤔

I can see - thats why I said “Almost identical”

I still see no difference lol

Both shots great! Flight time if i can ask?

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9 hours! :D

okey thanks