United Officially Unveils Premium Economy

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Just this week, Untied formally announced their premium economy cabin on a Boeing 777-200. The seats have (supposedly) better IFE, better food, etc. But the WiFi is apparently very slow. The seats feature a base color of purple. It is basically what you would find on any other Premium Economy cabin with little changes here and there. This will first appear on the 777-300ER’s, 787-10, 777-200, and the 767’s they have in their fleet. The seats don’t go officially on sale till later this year, but you can upgrade/pick your seat for premium economy on the aircraft it has it on. I think that this is definitely a step in the right direction. As more and more people want something better but don’t want to pay for business class, more and more airlines will continue to adopt premium economy as it becomes more and more popular. United was the only airline that was a legacy U.S. carrier that had no Premium Economy Class on any aircraft. I can’t wait to see this roll out to all the aircraft eventually and hopefully I will be blue to fly it next year when I go to Frankfurt. Let me know what you think about this below!

Look here for credit + photos of the new seats.


Can’t really complain about the wifi considering you’re 30000ft in the air ;)


Right, but it’s United, so everyone will find a way to complain one way or another.


I think its nice honestly, I’ve flown on economy to Frankfurt from Chicago and it was neat, definitely a good addition for United! Although I heard the wifi is slow due to the amount of usage on it (or something within that)! Where are you flying from on UAL to Frankfurt?

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From Ontario with a stop in San Francisco or LAX if they start nonstop from there @Sean_Murphy

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Nice! Its a fun flight and especially the approach into EDDF kinda reminds me of the approach into ATL because of how many planes are coming in, plus if you land in the morning at Frankfurt, there’s a ton of action going on with the heavies too!

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I can’t wait for that now! As long as I can fly Premium Economy I’m going!

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Well good! Its a fun experience too! I hope you enjoy it!

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