United New Livery 737-824 (2019)

United has Just unveiled there new livery, and love it or hate it, it’s here to stay. Since it is the new livery if one of the big three in the US, so it would be nice to see. So far it is only painted on a 737-800, so I figured that was a good request. Thanks for reading, and vote if you want it!

Wait, didnt they say that tomorrow they would be releasing it?


You know, this isn’t as bad as I thought it would be, they are expanding the “Dreamliner” scheme which is a wave pattern, and just really changing the colors a bit


Ya, but they just did, not sure if they ment to do it early, or what, but it’s official…

Imagine this livery on the ordered A350s!


Ya, but I’m not a huge fan of the monotone look. Atleast it wasn’t so bland with the gold, but I don’t mind the design it’s self…


My point of view: Right now, the livery seems pretty bad to me. It is just too similar to the first livery plus, it just doesn’t seem to fit to United Airlines’s style. Yet, I know that I will begin to like the livery as it continues to engulf the old livery. I think I will vote for the livery once my mind has gotten over the initial introduction phase.


It actually brings a sense of childhood nostalgia. Reminds me of the last Tulip Livery.


Like the one the Crj-700 has in the game?

Does it have split scimitars?

@Boeing797 Yes. The registration is N37267

The CRJ-700 has the current lovey. The CRJ-200 has the Tulip livery.

If I had any votes, I would vote for this, strictly because it’s realistic.


Yep. That livery. (It’s actually on the -200)

Now that I look at it, its kinda legit.You have my vote!

I was hoping to go out and spot the bird coming in, but sadly, she came in early this morning

However, I support this topic, but I am not so sure i like the plane, which is why I will not be voting for this topic. Nothing personal, just don’t like boeing nor the new livery.

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I’m out of votes

I do actually like it, the gray at the bottom, big text where it says UNITED and the globe:D
I wasn’t really a fan of their old straight line…

Yep, I’m down to vote. It takes some time to get used to similar as Lufthansa’s new livery, but I’m sure time it will appeal over time.


Im not gonna lie, I actually quite like it - it looks snazzy! Will find a vote :)

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I like it, but why is that little part on the tail white?