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Hi everyone!
I have a question regarding my United miles. So I used to fly A LOT with United, and I accumulated A LOT of United miles. Now I received a letter from United saying that my miles are going to expire unless I use them or buy more. My question: How many miles do I need to buy? Or how many do I have to use? I am most likely going to want to use them, so what should I buy?
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How many do you have? I’d double check the email is 100% real as United claims miles never expire

1-800-864-8331 is their customer service number


They do expire after some time.

Hold on @samdog27, I can’t talk now, but I might be able to help soon

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I’m available now if you need it.

If needed, I can PM you later on how to see how many and when your miles will expire. This would be in about 3-4 hours

I’m just wondering the amount. Thanks for all the responses guys!

I used my United Miles to buy a Time Magazine subscription. Maybe you can do something like that.

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Good idea! Did you have the same problem?

Yes. The miles that I accumulated were just sitting there and United said that they were going to expire unless I use them.

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And they didn’t because you bought a TIME subscription?

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How many do you have? What you can do varies based on that.

@samdog27 Advice from someone who has more experience than me:

“Any activity will keep the points from expiring. So gaining or losing any points.
Easiest way is to buy a magazine subscription or donate 500 points. Or using the United credit card or shopping/dining portals. Even earning 1 point will keep the points alive another 18 months.”

Hope this helps!

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I used the miles that I had because I didn’t have enough to buy a plane ticket.

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