United May Add Lie-Flat seats on It's New 737MAX Aircraft

There is really nothing wrong with those yellow seats. It’s simple, if you want a better seat, then pay more.

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Now, being a frequent flier on all airlines, this would be great. Especially on short-haul flights. The problem is that I don’t see this happening on short-haul, but mostly trans-con (in which they would not be the first to offer lie-flat), or maybe some shorter trans-Atlantic flights. I can’t imagine how much they are going to charge for a 1.5 hour flight from ORD to, say EWR, in which I barely have time to eat a snack and get some work done, much less sleep in a bed. Anyways, just my opinion.

Not too much of a fan…it would be difficult to do anything without the tray table

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No one understands? 🙃 Next time I’ll just have to say that’s it’s a joke…

Maybe PHX or DEN as well?

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These are medium-haul flights, which on some airlines are available already (but not widely).
Also, just out of curiosity, what is the story behind your IFC username?

This might be the only reason I would try United. Especially with their past…

Standing seats actually don’t look that awful, as long as there is a harness to keep me suspended instead of using my legs the whole flight.

Let’s give credit where its due. Delta is great as usual. United is trying to be better (I’ve so far been in all the Polaris lounges and they are amazing). And American aint looking so great right now.

UA will only charge more for coast to coast flights with flat beds. They currently do not charge a significant ($50+) for lie flats on flights like ORD-EWR. The coast to coast flights have enhanced amenity offerings compared to domestic flights.

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Seriously? You are going to make us stand up like on some roller-coaster, and then force an extra fee for the ability to sit?


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