Not sure if this is the right category to post this but i wanted to announce ive just hired on with United as an A&P. Just relocated to Denver so i will be getting my hands on the 787,777,757,737, A319s and 320s. Just bummed we dont have 47s anymore!! So excited!!!


Welcome back to the community, and ofc huge congrats for that incredible opportunity!!! Denver of all places is perfect to learn your new job title and what duties it requires because it’s becoming one of if not the single busiest United hub in their network!!!

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Yes its insanely busy! We are doing well over 200 flights a day. After a year i can transfer somewhere else and im hoping to be able to transfer back home to Nashville. For now im soaking up all the knowledge i can. We took a brief tour of a 777 today. So amazing!! I will be getting Gen fams soon.

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Welcome back to the IFC! Congratulations on this huge achievement!

Thank you so much!!

That’s crazy congratulations and welcome back IFC

Thank you much!! Im trying to get settled in and then I’ll be back in IF alot more.

Congrats man! Flying international or just domestic?

I’ll probably run some domestics for now. Between KDEN and KBNA. Ive taken that flight several times preparing for this job. Hopefully IF puts the 737 Max in game. Flown on those a few times

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