United, KMIA-KEWR in 6 pictures

United 1614 KMIA-KEWR

United central terminal KMIA

Not rlly liking this terminal sorta reminds me of Gatwick airport minus the shops and Lounges

Teterboro airport on final

Met life stadium on final
View of NYC. On final

El Al 772 at EWR

Hey this is my first post (hard to believe) sry I might have exceeded the picture limit pls let me know if I did anything wrong so I can know for next time.

How wld u rate my pics

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Did you fly first class?

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Yes I did…

Pleasant flight minus the terbulence

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Flexing your bose headphone?

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I changed this to #real-world-aviation for you. #real-world-aviation:spotting is for plane spotting, not a trip report


Thx much appreciated

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Also does anyone agree that the terminal remind them of Gatwick north terminal?

It’s not rlly trip report it’s more spotting and pics

No spotting is going to airport the whole topic about spotting planes not in the air photos


Yeah, there’s no pics of Miami. Looks like planes are taking off to the east today. Unacceptable. 😄

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Lol sry abt that

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the phone is vertical


That's just me being picky... 😏

Cool pictures otherwise! 😉


That view of MetLife is stunning.
The quality of all your photos are great. I love them 😍

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Thx man much appreciated (all taken from a I phone XR)

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If you were to fly right now above gatwick south…You would have seen me picking up my McD coffee :D

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I’ve been once 😂

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