United Kingdom's very own Air Force One

here is the final product of the new KC3 Voyager From the Royal Air Force. The plane will be used by the UK prime minister and government officials. It will also be the plane used by members of our Royal Family. I must say seeing it today instilled me with much pride seeing it painted in the Union Jack which makes up all four Countries of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Very majestic looking indeed.


Looks way better than before. I think it would look great on the A350.


Looks magnificent! I’m smiling thinking of HM The Queen boarding that 😭😭


That’s a nice livery!

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Yeesh. Could’ve done better with the livery imo.


Tbh they could have taken a 747 and made better

Nothing will defeat the mighty Boeing 747 that’s for sure

Wow all planes except ZZ336 (aircraft shown in pic) are shown in flightradar

I’m not from the UK, nor have I been. But I will admit, that’s a cool plane!

That livery is so amazing! That makes me so proud and I’m not even British! :)

I wasn’t sceptical when I saw the plans but it looks brilliant. It’s about time we moved away from grey colours. For VIP use it isn’t thy useful and merely blends in with other nations Air Force aircraft.

We’re waiting for you… 😥


I never knew the UK has an aircraft!

Well the Queen doesn’t fly anymore so that won’t be happening :(

Technically, we have had ‘an aircraft’ for a while.

Royalty usually travel on the RAF AVRO RJ, or a normal grey A330 MRTT (same aircraft as this) but now, we have one specially designed for cabinet members, the pm and royalty!

The Avro Rj:

The a330: 283711C9-A316-4D95-9D61-7ECC94F9DC05

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Nice, thank you for the information!

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The Queen does fly, she just refuses to when it’s not necessary. Suppose she does have Charles and William to send instead.

She hasn’t flown since 2015, I think it’s safe to say she won’t be flying anymore, especially since she doesn’t travel abroad anymore

She actually still uses her Helicopter to fly around the UK between Palaces, however you are completely right but the media made out that she will never fly again but it’s not actually 100% true.

Yep its a beauty it really is. Felt very patriotic myself when i saw it…her majesty does use her very own helicopter also used by the family. This Helicopter is also a beauty Queen-595420