United Kingdom: Independence Day (TBC)

Server: ATC Advanced

Region: London

Airport: EGLL

Time: To Be Added

NOTAM: Celebrating U.K. Independence today in a flash event in London Heathrow

Please not this event is not political. We will need people to attend and ATC to help out anyone up for it?


This does not currently match #live:events category guidelines. Please format correctly to use the events category :)


Aye Aye gimme a sec

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wait no I haven’t got a fixed time yet so I will add that in 1 hour or so

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Well only time will tell if it was a good choice…

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This isn’t a political post just a celebration event if it pans out to be used for politics I’ll delete my topic


I don’t know why this event will have any problem with anyone… I would keep it :-) It’s a big change for Britain


It’s clearly political since it celebrates the vote going in a particular direction.


It’s not political anymore now that we have voted hence @Thomas_Oehrling calling it independence that’s what happencs after :)

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Of course that is opinion maybe there should be a poll.

  • This is political Please Delete
  • This isnt political please keep

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Forum rules are not subject to polls. It either is against the rules or it isn’t.

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Anyone is allowed to create whatever events they want as long as it is socially appropriate. (Example: “Fly into the Pentagon Event!” would not be acceptable). This event is fine, even if it influenced by politics. If you’re offended by it, you don’t have to attend.

This is an international community, and we won’t censor or take down content (as long as it is civilized) because someone is offended by someone else’s political beliefs.

As for the event itself, let’s move the topic to #live:events once a time & date is settled :)


I don’t understand the date and time of this event.

I’ve changed it, @Thomas_Oehrling I hope you’re not offended

I don’t understand when people say [quote=“Tecnam2TA, post:2, topic:46921”]
This does not currently match

Because what Thomas_Oerhrling put in the thread is what pops up when you make a live event. The last time I made an event people said that to. What is not correct in his event set up?

You must follow the correct format in the title of the thread in order for it to be in the #live:events category. If the title of the topic doesn’t match the correct format specified for the events category then it can’t stay in that category and must be moved to #live (in most cases) until further details are provided and the title is repaired.


Read more about this here:

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Thanks, now back on topic, I will attend once you say what the time is and see if I can do it

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