United kicked a couple off of a flight

I’m not saying United had any wrong doing here, I think that in this case, I agree with them. The story (as I heard it): A couple on a flight to their wedding location bought a ticket in Economy class on a plane that had not been fully booked, so some businesses class seats were open. The couple made their way to these seats, but United would not let them sit there because they hadn’t payed for that service. As a result, United bumped them from the flight. So they complained on the media about the incident, ruining United’s reputation even further.

I think United made the right call, because they were trying to get something they had not paid for. What do you think?

(Story according to ABC News)


I agree. Its like grabbing a beer and not paying for it.


United Airlines has no chill Lmfao @gjwhite14


I’m sorry but if you dont pay for something, your not getting it. Thats not meaning theres “no chill” that mean “no bull💩”


When the plane was airborne, they let people sit in Economy plus…

It’s like buying a can of beer, and then taking a bottle of Moët Champagne.

And like the complete opposite of Booking a flight on United, and then boarding a Frontier or Spirit Flight.


The only way for United to come back from this is to remind people they aren’t the worst in these situations. Look at these statistics, I thought it was interesting: https://www.transportation.gov/sites/dot.gov/files/docs/resources/individuals/aviation-consumer-protection/2017MarchATCR.pdf

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That example was way better than mine.

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United even offered them a discounted rate and yet they refused. It seems like they did this for this to hit the media. We can’t assume but united made the right call.


I heard there was a person sleeping on the couple’s seats. So they decided to move to somewhere else

They should have move to other economy seat though


United gets all right to kick the couple off for not paying for business class like every one says. I agree to this


You clearly did not read what the report actually said…

According to other Passengers they were allowed to move up once the plane was airborne.

no I didn’t. u should off mentioned it in the comment at least

United for sure made the right call. If people where to just sit in the premium cabin, and when told to leve say no, and get their way, no one would very but premium seats anymore, knowing that they can just sit there and take them. United had every right to remove them, and it’s the couples fault for sitting up thier knowing they shouldn’t. Proper move.


Like, I saw a report and they said that after the plane took off, passengers who were in economy were allowed to go in Economy plus.

Agree with United.
It is like inviting someone to your apartment then he starts going to the kitchen and master bedroom. Of course you would kick someone out for not respecting boundaries.
Nice one United


This United fiasco is really getting out of hand

They could have, I don’t know, kindly explained to them and brought them back to economy class? Great job United. Way to go to show the world how much more friendly the sky is than the ground :/

(And I like they just said they won’t remove any more passengers from overbooked flights once theyve boarded. Didnt say anything about underbooked flights, given that we’re facing that now 🤷‍♂️)


Yeah nothing too wrong here but for god sake if economy was full why didn’t they give someone an upgrade in the first place? I’m not saying the couple are right to go and sit there without permission of the crew, but surely it’s not rocket science to ensure you can for everyone on your plane?


Incidents like these show how an airline is good at PR.
A similar thing happened on TK. We were supposed to fly from IST-CDG on a 777 but the aircraft was changed to an a330-300. We had paid Economy but due to the A330’s size and being a full flight, we had no seat in Y class so TK bumped us to business class


Yep. We were talking about it yesterday and my Grandpa has been upgraded loads of times.