United island hopper

hey guys im thinking of doing the united island hopper either tomorrow or in the next week or two so can anyone give me any insight on how to execute it


Takeoff. Land. Takeoff. Land. (and repeat).

There’s really nothing else to it! The runways are slightly shorter than one may expect, so just keep that in mind. It’s also worth ensuring you have enough fuel to get to the next island, just in case you can’t land.


thanks thats some good advice im probably going to lay it out over 2 or 3 days just to lighten the load and get my footing and work my way up to doing it all in one day. also hopefully there will be some more great advice waiting for me when i wake up tomorrow morning since its getting late here on the east coast

We should use the 737-800 in the 2016 livery

also i cant even remember the last time i flew outside of the mainland united states. it will be a nice break from the constant crj flying i do on a daily basis

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is that the new one or the old one

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*2019 livery. (@bbhusty it’s the new one)

Does United even do island hops with the -800?

New one 🔵⚪️🇺🇸

so this one

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I think United uses the -700 mainly. I haven’t tried the island hopper yet, but I guess the main thing to take into account is the short length of the runways (like others said).

it says here they use the 738

Yes they did use the B738. I just checked.

They usually use older 737-800’s so I would personally use the Old livery for realism😁


Yes, I’ve (quite) done it before, though it was over the time of 2-3 days since I didn’t do them consecutively

Beware Kosrae (PTSA) and Chuuk (PTKK), both runways are less than 2000m. You need full reverse and max braking in order to be able to stop.

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Find something to do while flying the first leg. The first leg is just 5hrs of vast blue sea. Then the route become shorter usually around 1-2 hour long.

737-800 performs good, np on this island hopping route

I did this route once. It’s kinda fun after the first leg (PHNL-PKMJ), which takes about 5hrs. Fpltoif says you can’t make the first leg with a B738, but with almost max fuel you can do it.

Not every airport has an ILS-approach or METAR but mostly you have to make a approach in eastern direction. I used FR24 as backup when I didn’t find a METAR.

Only 2 or 3 have ILS approach. Some has RNAV, or the old fashioned NDB/that sort of stuff. Be careful, don’t fully load your 738 after the first leg. You will have trouble stopping.

probably should have known that before taking off for the first leg about an hour ago.

here is the live flight tracking link:LiveFlight | Flight Tracker for Infinite Flight Live

there are about 154 passengers aboard 10,000lbs of cargo and 48,100lbs of fuel

im doing the first leg right now and yeah it is a lot of blue sea but the clouds look pretty good