United Island Hopper

(Disclaimer: This is my second post so I don’t know if I messed it up)
I decided to stop sleeping on it and I decided to go ahead for the one week break use one of my days to decide to do it the opposite way I started

I cruised at various flight levels for each flight I did, I decided to start in Guam and end up in Honolulu, PGUM-PTKK-PTPN-PTSA-PKWA-PKMJ-PHNL

(Photos should be in order)


Criticism is appreciated


Great shots!

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This is great. I have yet to do this route myself either way. I kinda forget about it 😂

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Love the shots. I’ve done this the other way around before, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Everyone should try it at some point.

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I just realized one uploaded twice, my bad

Amazing shots! I loved the 3rd to last pic!

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Your username may be meh, but these photos aren’t just meh. These are great! The 4th and the 8th photos are my favorites.

Sorry for the cheesy puns.


Excellent Shots! Keep it up!!!


I know that you did not mess up, but you would have no reason to be wondering whether or not you did so by viewing the following topic:

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Enjoy your day!

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@Butter_Boi couldn’t have said what I wanted to say any better. Great job!