United island hopper flight [Part 1] To the Marshall Islands! @ PHNL - 081400ZJUN19


Inspired by Jeb Brooks.

Server: Expert

Airport: PHNL

Time: 1400Z (This is 10:00 AM EDT

Aircraft and Livery: United 737-800

Route: Copy from me.

Flight time is about 4 hours 30 minutes


Gate 20: @Sashaz55
Gate 21: @Niccckk
Gate 22:
Gate 23:
Gate 24:
Gate 25:
Gate 26:
Gate 27:
Gate 28:
Gate 29:
Gate 30:
Gate 31:
Gate 32:
Gate 34:
Gate 35:


At this time we have no sponsors but if you would like to sponsor please PM me.

Hello and welcome to my event today we will be doing the famous United island hopper route Part 1 the first flight is to The Marshall Islands there will be many mor flights to come so if you miss this one you can come to another one!

About PHNL

About PKMJ (Marshall islands international)


Could you maybe include the flight time?

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Oh my bad will do I was gonna but I forgot.

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You should add, inspired by Jeb Brooks.


Yes. Maybe we could have a special guest appearence :eyes: And @Sashaz55 your call, just would save you from more comments like mine

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Anyways, I’ll take Gate 21.

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Ok I signed you up @Niccckk

Still gates to go!

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