United introducing Spirit/Frontier style fares, defers 737 orders

Coming next year. Lowest fares restricted to one carry one that can fit under seat, cannot pick seats.

Deferring 61 737-700 orders to a date to be determined and converting order to 737MAX.



I just came because I saw the word frontier…yay them and good move by united


Good call by United!

Bad news for Boeing, they gave UA those slots at bargain basement prices, now Boeing will have to fill those slots again.

When I was going to fly Frontier, I had to pay for the ticket, choose a seat (the good ones cost more such as more space or window) and then luggage. it was still less than other carriers. But I chose delta instead because Frontier only offered a flight every 2 days to my airport and I was flying alone so wouldn’t want to be trapped in ATL for 2 days. So if United offers this, it should be cheaper will being able to have the same amount of luggage

Don’t see why this is a good move.

They have already tried the low fare market with Ted® and ultimately decided to drop it.


Easy way around the base fare restriction is to go with the airline soonsered credit card and get the first checked bag free. But total crap with the no miles accrued to elite status. Dont restrict your rewards program members. Theyre with you for a reason and if you start punishing them for sticking to their budget they may as well go to another airline.

Low fares don’t work when you have a dedicated carrier (except NK), a differentiated fare bucket isn’t going to affect much.

But the order wasn’t cancelled, it was put on hold and changed to a more expensive variant of the same plane.

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Lower fares equals more passengers. Look at Southwest Airlines

How good is their customer service? Its as important as the low fares.

But people need and want these low fare airlines and seats. Think about the people who need to commuted multiple times a week.

I have flown with them, is very good, no complaints.

But how is Boeing going to fill these production slots? End of the line NGs isn’t worth much. You can’t just look at the monetary value of the two slots and say that there is an advantage to Boeing. The strategic advantage of not having to build white-tails is also very important. There is a net gain currently, but if Boeing has to sell the deferred planes at an even lower price, then that net gain can easily be wiped out.

I know, but part of the popularity of low fares comes from good customer service too. If their flight attendants aren’t polite with the passengers, they may choose another carrier.

lol I’m not talking customer service just money. And I’m not sure about their service.

They could reach to other airlines seeking to renew their fleet and offer those aircraft at the United’s pricing.

Yes, but for people with short haul commutes, they don’t always care about in-flight service.

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With lower fares come lower quality passengers.

How I long for the golden age of commercial aviation.

It doesn’t work that way. Boeing has been peddling the NGs all over the place for quite a while now. People were quite surprised when UA bit. The industry isn’t that simple I’m afraid.