United Hub Hopping!

Hey y’all! The other day, I flew to all of the United Airlines Mainland Hubs in just one day. I did this for UVAL on the 737-800. Total time in the sim was about 10 hours and time in the air was roughly 8.5 hours. And if this sounds familiar, the YouTuber ‘Jeb Brooks’ completed this IRL. You can watch that video here. Anyways, on to the photos!

Out of Newark, bound for IAD!

On the ground in Dulles preparing to head over to Chicago.

Made it to Chicago, getting ready to go on down to Houston!

In Houston, time to visit Denver!

Mile high city, check. Time for the west coast!

Arrived at LAX, the end is near!

10 hours later, we made it to SFO! (With just a few connections)

Incase you’re wondering, here’s the aftermath.

Well I had a great time flying this route, see you guys on the next post!